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When you are in a dark tunnel, to find your way out you must focus on the light.

You must begin to travel in the direction of the light.

Don't stand still, don't stay in the darkness, scared, vulnerable and cold, NO, NO Never do that.

Ignore the dirty rats scurrying around you.

Do not allow yourself the luxury of lazy or fearful thoughts.

Press on, press on forwards, towards the light up ahead.

When life gives you challenges, the solution is the same, look for the end result and focus solely on that positive outcome.

Take one step at a time, one step in the darkness.

One step at a time, despite the fact that the darkness stops you seeing any progress with the senses that usually serve you so well.

Your time in the tunnel is guaranteed to be temporary if you keep taking those steps.

The challenges you face are always temporary.

Look ahead, eyes front, keep on thinking about that time in the future when all will be wonderful.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel and that is where you must keep looking.

Keep your attention on that bright future, that future where the current darkness is only a memory
and with that thought keep taking positive steps forwards.

Even steps taken in the tunnel can then be hope filled, positive, happy perhaps, because with our clear destination, we know we are doing the right thing.

Keep moving forwards.

That light at the end of the tunnel is real and it is calling YOU forwards.

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I love this
Thank you

Glad you like it Lui, focussing on the outcome I want has also helped me so much.

Funny how the things you need to hear always come at the right moment. Thumbs up to this post!


Brilliant and that is exactly how LOA is meant to work too x

Believe that there IS a solution. Believe that there IS a way forward. Keep on believing this (instead of being stuck) and the Universe will provide you will synchronicity, guidance, and answers.


Believe as well, that THIS IS ALSO PASSING.  Don't think of it as an endless experience, think of it as one which is passing and temporary.  That way, you will change how you feel about it, and also your experience of the experience. You will find that life flows a whole lot better, and that you attract help, resources and solutions which stop it from being a tunnel, and which allow it to become the passing experience which gets solved. 

At the moment, the media are trotting out all sorts of bad headlines about how long we will all stay in lockdown. They are promising us months of misery, which is exactly what they do.  They put out those sorts of headlines, so that it scares people into buying their papers, or tuning in to find out more.

Life is a flowing experience, and these kinds of things have a habit of sorting themselves out. I remember in winter 2009, the media saying that there was no way out if the recession we were in, and that it would continue for years to come. That there was no light at the end of the tunnel and that nothing was on the horizon to help us get out of it. In truth, when that comment was said was the peak of it, and the start of the recovery was about two months away (in the UK anyway). Come the end of the year, and we were well on the way to coming out of recession - certainly not years away from it. 

What we have now is acute rather than lasting.  It's a virus rather than a recession, and those die out when weather gets warmer because the germs can't breed. The effects of the lockdowns will start being felt now.  China's infection rate is on the way down.  European countries with less population density will also see their rates drop. What the media is actually saying is not that we will be in lockdown for months, but that it will be months before countries get back to normal, and there is a difference in that.  Governments won't want to stay in lockdown for too long because of the damage it will do to the economy. 

Most countries will probably follow the model set down by SARS (itself a corona virus) and it will be gone as quickly as it arrived.

So remember not to buy into media gloom and doom, as it's more about sales and online clicks rather than actual reality. Remember the above post, emphasise the light and the impermanence of a situation, rather than the darkness of the tunnel. And trust the Universe to get you through this. 

Very nice! I also like the analogy where just like when you're driving in a storm you just take the first couple hundred feet at a time, that which is lit up and don't worry about what's ahead. Awesome, thank you!

Yes I like that too Flowerpatch x

Phil, I adore your positive energy. Thank you for posting this here at pi ;)


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