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Sometimes I can be talking to somebody and they mention something and later on (often that same day) somebody else mentions the same thing or I see a picture of the same thing. And this happens over and over.

Am I attracting this thing into my life or is the universe trying to tell me something?

For instance somebody mentions a camera to me and then later on somebody else mentions a camera and then somebody else. This is just an example but am I manifesting it or is it the universe trying to tell me or point me into some direction?

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Thanks Chelsea, that's very helpful :) I will look it up

Ally :)

It could be both. LOA isn't the only law of the Universe, there are lots of others, and one of them is the Law of Reflection: the world around you reflects the very thoughts and energies which you are putting out. And it can do this in very precise ways too.

For instance, you harbour bad feelings about love and relationships, and the Universe keeps reflecting this by people who mistreat, or ignore you.

Or more precisely, you harbour bad feelings about love and relationships due to a relationship which failed, and the Universe keeps reflecting this by people who remind you of your previous relationship.

In this case, find out what the thing being repeated could symbolise or signify to you. Angels for instance, are a well-known symbol for divine protection, so if you keep seeing them everywhere, it could be a reflection of you feeling protected...or a prompt from the Universe that it is looking after you.

Cameras could signal a prompt from the Universe for you to go and buy one. Or it could be because this is where your attention is at that particular moment.

As a rule of thumb, if it is something which keeps on repeating and has done for a long time, it is the Universe showing you an HABITUAL THOUGHT PATTERN OR ENERGY YOU HAVE. And if it is something which has just started popping up in your world, it is probably the a Universe giving you a sign about something which needs your attention.

Thankyou that makes perfect sense and it very helpful. The thing that I was getting yesterday seems to have stopped for the moment so I think it was the universe telling me something and I think I know what it was.

As for the Habitual thought pattern stuff, yes I know that well and it is something I am really working on. As a kid I was bullied, a lot and over the years I have faced a lot of similar things at work, even at the different places I have worked. Looking back at it now I think it has consistently happened because I have been holding onto all the negative 'bullying' thoughts and probably was expecting it to happen. And it did. If that makes sense?

It can also be that if you see something three times, then the Universe is looking to draw your attention to it and the symbolism it has. For instance, if you see three battered cars: are you feeling tired, battered, fatigued but not aware of it?  You see a graceful swan on three occasions: are you aware of your own inner grace and beauty.  You see robins on three occasions: the Universe is reminding you that loved ones in heaven are acting as your spirit guides, are looking after you, and helping you out. 

It happens because of "law of attraction". It is in your subconscious.

It is NOT a sign.... It just is where your focused "vibrationally".... Except it is a great "sign" to help you understand LoA.

I do this all day, every day. I think of an actor, or an old movie, and few minutes later I turn on the TV, and their they/it are/is.

Things arriving in my physical reality within days, hours or moments are so frequent with me these days that it is becoming more and more familiar and less of a shock and more of a welcome surprise.

I know now that when I declare something, even if it is something as small as mentioning something as you do, that within no time at all it will manifest into my experience. At first I thought it might be wise to avoid certain subjects for fear of manifesting something 'unwanted,' but then I realized that avoidance was the same as 'declaring' it. And so now, with my confident persona, I can happily be myself without worrying that 'Big Foot' might arrive in my reality, raid my fridge, and leave footprints in the butter...... ;)

This is because you are in alignment now. As your profile says, you are in a 'state of happiness' and when that is your habitual state, good things manifest very easily, because there isn't really any resistance to them.

Hah hah  !!!    NOW-THIS-BEING-IS ... Indivisibly Indivisible ... Unconditionally Unconditional.

ALL 'n ALL .... right Here, Now.  THIS is all that is happening. THIS THIS THIS !  ALIVENESS !   


Without birth, death, becoming or begoing.  THIS is The SELF-EXISTENT-EXISTENCE-EXISTING !


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