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Hey my lovelies,

It's been a while since I posted anything here I've been off living trying to walk the walk as well as talking the talk and now I come back with a question.

What do you believe in? Really believe? Do you have to be able to see it or touch it or do you just need to know it in your heart?

I ask because today I realised I have never lived (not really) in the 'real world'. I write fantasy stories which play out in my head. I watch movies that make my heart sing because they're fantastical and wonderous and there is so much more to life than this. I believe in dragons and angels. I'm 28 years old and I can't accept that this is all there is.

There aren't people that can fly, there are no superheroes, do people even have destinies? I'm actually really upset and a little ashamed. Is life just full of the exceptionally mediocre and mundane? Is work, money and a family all we actually have to strive for? Are there no adventures, no fated lovers, no secret societies? Is this really it?!

Does the world I want to live in exist only in my head?

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Hey Aravelle,
Is that really you talking?
Having stories, any kind of stories, playing out in your head is a gift from God.
My problem, if I've ever had one, is that I don't have enough imagination. Lucky you!
And as for the question what is real and what is not, consider this:
Before the invention of the microscope,if you told a doctor that many diseases are caused by little, monsterous looking creatures that live on and in us and everywhere, but are so small that we cannot see them, you would most probably end up in a mental hospital.
There are no super heroes you say? Everyone who gave a piece of themselves to make the world a better place is a superheroe. They may not look like batman but who cares!

There are no people that can fly? No dragons? No angels? Just because you haven't seen any?
Well, as a matter of fact I've never seen a polar bear but I never assumed that they do not exist! (I've seen some on TV, of course, but then again I've also seen flying people on TV, too.)

Consider this also: When Graham Bell saw the telephone in his mind, it really did not exist. The same goes for all great inventions, litterature, music, art and so on. You have to believe it to see it. Not vice versa.
Thanks Helen (great name by the way).

I just feel really lost right at this very moment. It won't last I know that but in that moment I had this thought I stopped dead in my tracks. There has to be more to life than this run of the mill everyday. I've never seen the world the same as everyone else, I don't see big ugly buildings I see beautiful landscapes and bright colours. I see beauty where there is none, adventure where there is boredom. Maybe I just never grew up. I'm 28 and still waiting for something amazing to happen.

I feel really lost.

Then it's time for you to start building something massive, something you've only dreamed about.


You know exactly what I'm talking about.
HELEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I QUOTE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I dont see big ugly buildings i see beautiful landscapes and bright colours.........................I see beauty where there is none...................????????????????? why on earth are you still waiting for something amazing to happen.....................it has !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You like the name? It's your name too, isn't it?
Well, let me give you some food for thought.
Do you know what your name means?

It derives from a very old form of Greek, spoken even before Homer.
It means 'The woman that shines' or 'shiny woman' .Other derivatives of the same verb (he'llau=shine) are used in modern Greek, too. For example He'lios= Sun, Hella's=Greece=The shining rock, helia'=olive tree=the shining tree, he'laion=olive oil=the shining fluid etc.

I'm not giving a lecture or playing clever here. I'm writing all this because I don't think our parents really choose our names even when they think they do. We are given a certain name for some reason.
And, Helen, YOU SHINE!
If you can do the things you say above you are a really gifted creature.
And something amazing IS happening. It takes people like you to make a better world!

It lives in my head too. I believe in magic, but I believe in creating it myself. I believe in love and great love stories. I believe that there could be a Bigfoot, and a Loch Ness Monster and a Chubachubra. I believe there are mysteries that will never be solved and I don't want them solved because I want to believe in magic. Don't stop believing in magic Aravelle! xxx
OK here goes
I've seen ghosts before - and maybe even aliens!! - and some other people here have, one of us is even a "ghost hunter" for a living. Some people I'm sure have seen angels.
Some people believe you can astro travel which is like flying I guess.
Yes we have destinies.
I believe we make our own but sometimes it's cool the way things line up like one coincidence after another leading me to meeting my husband. We were fated lovers we got through the odds.
We travel together and on our own internationally and it IS an adventure.
I eloped in Egypt with him.
I came to London knowing only one person and with no job lined up.
I have gatecrashed a couple of parties and even kissed a gorgeous mystery guy at one (BEFORE I was married)
One day hubby & I just got in the car - one holiday - and drove up to Wales and stayed there several days, driving to wherever we wanted, stopping when we got somewhere we wanted to be or were sick of driving.
An ex and I once ran after a crazy guy who thought we were Japanese who swore at us and ran off into the bushes. My ex (I was seeing him at the time) said "Let's follow him!" I thought he was nuts but we followed him. We didn't find him though. Then my ex took off his t shirt & had swimming shorts on and jumped off the jetty and said "Come in!" I said "I have no swimming clothes" and then jumped into the water fully clothed and landed in his arms! He laughed & we kissed in the water. I once - actually several times
stayed in a supposedly "haunted" mansion. I felt the bad vibrations in one area and found out that's where the most crazy people used to be - you see, it used to be a place for those who were not sane let's say.
I led a team of huskies in Lapland, racing with them through the snow and got to sit in a reindeer-driven sleigh.
I had a guy say he would "heal" me this was over the phone and I literally FELT a tingle run from my shoulder to my wrist. I had reiki recently and felt this warm heat all over my body. And once I tried to heal an ex - the haunted mansion guy - and he said he felt jolts of electricity which was what I had been focussing on.
Haunted mansion guy had a (small) private plane. One day I got to fly his dad's friend's one. Just for five minutes but it was incredible. Then haunted mansion guy realised the plane could blow up cos he'd left these pad things near the engine and it could burst into flames. Everybody swore. But we were OK and the plane landed safely. And
we got to go to an island after the plane landed and see a beautiful sunset and stand up in the band of a ute (kinda small truck with a trailer attached) we stood in that trailer and let the wind blow through our hair and had Alsation dogs with us smiling away. One time money just appeared in my account - £1000 extra - with NO explanation ever. Boom there it was!
Once I saw a light go past my room and I called out my brother's name. My mum called out "He's asleep." "Dad?" "He's asleep too." I wanted to call out "Then what the HECK was THAT?!"
I do not believe, no, that life has to be mediocre and mundane. And do secret societies exist? I'd be very surprised if they didn't!
Thanks Athena,

I wasn't looking at all this properly. Just the idea that everything I had dreamed of for so long being fantasy and nothing more was a scary thought.

Lets see...

When I was 20 I went to my first weekend rock festival. We camped in a field and went to gigs during the day; amazing music (there is no music as incredible as the music you hear live when you are 20) and at night we went back to the camp and lit fires and joined complete strangers and sang songs all night and watched campfire sparks flying up into the August night sky until sunrise. And then listened to more music and joined in with thousands of strangers to sing songs while the artists onstage grinned in delight. One of the most magical moments of that entire magical weekend was late on the last night; Van Morrison was singing Brown Eyed Girl and I climbed into the stands to watch the whole stadium, sparkling with lighters held aloft, sang "Sha la la la la la la la la tee da" over and over.

I once had a woman come in to the hotel room where I was sleeping, jet lagged. I thought "God I have to learn to put out the do not disturb sign" as she smiled apologetically at me. I then rolled over and looked at the window, which was pitch black; it was the middle of the night. I had time to think "that's not housekeeping!" and sat up switching on the light and the door was closed and the woman was gone. I can still see her clearly. I was not dreaming.

I once knew a man who took a last minute chance to surprise his family at Christmas. He canceled his business meetings and went to the airport to try to catch a flight home. He waited on canceled seats and managed to get closer to home. He didn't call home in case he didn't make it and disappoint his family. In London he was on a standby list for canceled tickets, on the last leg of his journey and at the last minute someone canceled and he took the plane. He never made it; the plane exploded mid air. Ten years later on the other side of the world I met a man who told me he had once been booked on a flight home for Christmas; he had a fight on the phone with his then wife and canceled his ticket in anger at the last minute; he was sitting in the airport bar when he saw the breaking news on tv. He said he often wondered about the person who took his seat. I was able to tell him.

There is magic everywhere.
Oooooooh! I love it. lol,lol,lol,lo,lol.
You know Jason, I have actually seen a ghost, but I only realized it afterwards. I was told later that this is typical of a certain 'kind' of ghosts. I've also had a lot of what is known as 'side vision effect'.
A friend of mine channels a shitload of nonfizzy entities,talks to aliens,saw them few,knows how to access akashic records, sees fairies and talks to trees and gems (they talk back).She is one badass chick.
AH and on the subject of magic, yes I have had some spells I did work. And no I am NOT sharing them - could be dangerous. What does fated lovers mean?
I have heard of men who died very shortly after their wives - they died of a broken heart.
I have ended relationships because for years I was told he had to be the same religion as me and I was in love with the guy & he with me & it broke our hearts.
Re dragons: Yes this is wikipedia but it cites sources "Although dragons occur in many legends around the world, different cultures have varying stories about monsters that have been grouped together under the dragon label. Some dragons are said to breathe fire or to be poisonous. They are commonly portrayed as serpentine or reptilian, hatching from eggs and possessing typically scaly or feathered bodies. They are sometimes portrayed as having especially large eyes or watching treasure very diligently, a feature that is the origin of the word dragon (Greek drakeîn meaning "to see clearly").[2] Some myths portray them with a row of dorsal spines. European dragons are more often winged, while Chinese dragons resemble large snakes. Dragons can have a variable number of legs: none, two, four, or more when it comes to early European literature.
Dragons are often held to have major spiritual significance in various religions and cultures around the world"
WHY are there dragons in myths around the world? Maybe they did exist or still do???? Maybe not but it's just a thought.


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