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Hey my lovelies,

It's been a while since I posted anything here I've been off living trying to walk the walk as well as talking the talk and now I come back with a question.

What do you believe in? Really believe? Do you have to be able to see it or touch it or do you just need to know it in your heart?

I ask because today I realised I have never lived (not really) in the 'real world'. I write fantasy stories which play out in my head. I watch movies that make my heart sing because they're fantastical and wonderous and there is so much more to life than this. I believe in dragons and angels. I'm 28 years old and I can't accept that this is all there is.

There aren't people that can fly, there are no superheroes, do people even have destinies? I'm actually really upset and a little ashamed. Is life just full of the exceptionally mediocre and mundane? Is work, money and a family all we actually have to strive for? Are there no adventures, no fated lovers, no secret societies? Is this really it?!

Does the world I want to live in exist only in my head?

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Oh you reminded me,one other friend of mine does some wicked magick that constantly scares and intrigues people and leaves them speachless with a dumb look on their faces.
Listen to Modest, she's one smart cookie.
Lots and lots of wonderful replies! LOVE IT!
Oh my the things I believe and the things I have seen.
I see ghosts quite regurlarly. I think I saw an angel but that one's a bit iffy since I was plastered at the time. I have seen monsters and fairies and elves and pixies and many, many other things. I have always believed and always known that they exist. I practice magick and do spells and have had a rather long, philosophical conversation with a fish and a quartz crystal, though not at the same time.
There are superheroes and some people can fly, though I have yet to see a man sprout wings. Astral travel is flying, if you've evern done it, you'd know what I mean. There are still adventures to have, lovers to meet and secret societies. Of the latter, my grandparents were involved in two.
No, work and money and family are not all we have to strive for. Work and money and family become the reality of many people who have forgotten to dream. Never forget how to dream. Never doubt the stories that you create in your head for in some reality they are real.
Oh and I have encountered a dragon. One sleepy afternoon years ago while walking in the woods near where I live, I saw a little dragon and I wasn't the only one. While I only saw him for an instant, I know what I saw.

Oh and you asked about fated lovers. My last boyfriend was fated and predicted by my chart and his, as well as one of my good psychic friends. So yes, there are fated lovers and the world is still a very exciting place if you want it and let it.
From wikipedia again re adventure
( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adventure )

These things can also be adventures: sky diving, mountain climbing, breaking and entering (OK scratch THAT one, prison is no adventure!!)..extreme sports, "any enterprise that is potentially fraught with physical, financial or psychological risk, such as a business venture, a love affair, or other major life undertakings." adventure racing, adventure tourism (e.g. one girl - not that I am recommending this - backpacked solo through a part of Afghanistan recently) hazardous journey, and eventual triumph, One whose travels are unusual and often exotic, though not so unique as to qualify as exploration.
One who lives by their wits.
One who takes part in a risky or speculative course of action for profit or position, wealth, romance, fighting, it also refers to role-playing games. POINT BEING?
There's lots of ways to have an adventure.
And this post has reminded me of one I had last summer.
One country wouldn't let me fly.
I was hoping & hoping certain things would happen so I wouldn't be in further do do.
It did, things turned around.
The next day I was on a plane somewhere else, hoping things would go my way.
People wanted to help me & I didn't want THOSE people too. I tried to manifest what I wanted. Calls to friends for help, some of them were out of the city. Well the people I didn't want to help had all SORTS of things delay them, cup smashing, cat needing food, cop stopping them, would I get what I wanted? Would I be in deep doggy doo?
I got what I wanted. My friend tried to help. Then he found out he'd lost the important document we needed. Would my other friends be able to help?
No, they were out of town and couldn't.
Call to other friend who could help. Would this work? Could this work?
It did work - but it nearly backfired on me yet again. And there was a period of time of thinking I'd need documents from England would they get there in time? Hubby saying you have to get back here ASAP our citizenship ceremony is coming up after 8 years! Get back HOW?
I got what I wanted.
And I was on a plane to Malaysia. Five star hotel. Lovely bed to rest in. Then I was back on a plane to London. The next day I got really really sick and initially we FREAKED out WHAT was WRONG with me?
Calling the doctor.
All was fine.
Getting better.
Soon after maybe a few days?
Got to the citizenship ceremony with the love of my life after 8 years of ups and downs and miracles and then that week where at times we thought we were going to lose EVERYTHING we'd worked so hard for.
Yup I've had adventures of a sort!
You are on a roll today darling Athena! Loving these replies! You VORTEX BEING YOU!

Velle, growing up screwed me up! We were meant to live exciting, wonderful, adventerous lives, filled with magic and love and all those things that make your eyes sparkle!

Don't ever grow up!

Thank you all so much for calming me down and giving me a shake. My life is the most magical damn life anyone has ever had. Why? Because I make it that way!

Aravelle - you have a gift soooo many wish they had.....hmmmm what has you soooooo down? Change that vibration and let the magic begin. LOA certainly is magic and I know you know it :) I think you may need a trip to the states :)

Well, I see you've made this journe, thanks to the wonderful people at PI, and YOU'RE BACK in that magical, happy place. So happy for you! :-)

and here's my very favorite one ...

Helen, honey bunny, oh christ, please dont give up on magic and dreams and fated love and all that yummy stuff cause it is a recipe for an exciting and challenging life.

Whatever got you thinking that way, shake it off girl!!!

For one thing we are all counting on your passion about life, your zest for love and your neverending supply of enthusiasm and courage.

Emer will surely tell you that life is meant to be like a reaaaaaally awesome book. Start writing, (you too Emer!!!!!)

LOVE AND HUGS to you fabulous girls. Much, much love, Cheryl


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