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Hey my lovelies,

It's been a while since I posted anything here I've been off living trying to walk the walk as well as talking the talk and now I come back with a question.

What do you believe in? Really believe? Do you have to be able to see it or touch it or do you just need to know it in your heart?

I ask because today I realised I have never lived (not really) in the 'real world'. I write fantasy stories which play out in my head. I watch movies that make my heart sing because they're fantastical and wonderous and there is so much more to life than this. I believe in dragons and angels. I'm 28 years old and I can't accept that this is all there is.

There aren't people that can fly, there are no superheroes, do people even have destinies? I'm actually really upset and a little ashamed. Is life just full of the exceptionally mediocre and mundane? Is work, money and a family all we actually have to strive for? Are there no adventures, no fated lovers, no secret societies? Is this really it?!

Does the world I want to live in exist only in my head?

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I am currently in the beginning stages of writing my chicklit novel :) I love nothing more than fantasizing about it :D

I guess I'm a born writer, since daydreaming is honestly one of my favorite hobbies.
Sending this back upwards because I am sure that just about everyone on here has had an " Is this all there is to life? " moment at some point.

These tend to come when life isn't flowing, and when even the small things are hard to do. You meet obstacle after obstacle, nothing goes right, and you find yourself complaining about life in general.

And I would say that these moments are usually preceded by a period of time when your thoughts are also stagnant. In fact, for a lot of people that's an entire lifetime. You look around at a world which hasn't cracked up to be as you wanted it to be and think " is this all there is? What if all this positive thinking lark really is just a hoax? "

And I would say, EXAMINE YOUR THOUGHTS. Have you unconsciously bought into the thoughtform that life is crap, doesn't meet your needs, and let's you down? Or maybe you have got into the habit of paying attention to -what is, and complaining about it.

So examine your thoughts, and then work at changing them. From this moment on, LIFE IS AMAZING AND WONDERFUL. Make this your thoughtform instead of something feeble like 'same old-same old.' Believe that things are meant to go right. Believe that if you put your attention onto great things and fantasies, then great things and fantasies will manifest for as long as you keep your attention on them. Then life will start opening up for you in ways which you can't comprehend whilst stuck in the 'life is crap' mindset. It will certainly feel magical.

If you need to get your confidence up, then start to manifest small but unlikely things (rubber ducks, blue frogs, coffee sold in rainbow cups) and then raise the bar each week, making your manifestations 'harder.' This will help you get your manifestation power up to where it should be: to the extent that manifesting strange, weird, out of the ordinary, or amazing things is actually normal for you.

You get what you believe in, and what you expect to manifest, but sometimes those expectations needs some big-thinking surgery done on them.

They are there. 

its just that we dont really believe in them ( anymore )...

or for some reason their vibe might be so different than ours at the moment that we have trouble reaching them.

they are out there.

Ask your heart in a profound way.  It is impossible for your heart to steer you wrong.

Einstein once said that imagination is more important than knowledge. There’s nothing can’t exist or be made real in life; all it needs is for you to focus your thoughts upon it.  Anything can be real, even the fantasy things you write, and have playing out in your head.  The problem with us as a race is that we get so caught up in the mundane of life, that we make it normal and just expect it to happen. The traffic jams, the noisy neighbours, the boring jobs, the litter in the streets, the feeling of being on a treadmill and so on. That’s what we make real, but it doesn’t have to be. 

I look at my work career so far: I have been working for 20 years now, and haven’t once had to work in what I consider to be the rat race.  I have always had active jobs, in memorable and unique places, and working enjoyable shifts.  I have hardly even worked the hours 9-5 at all (maybe on three days). I look at the places I have travelled and what makes them unique and surreal.  There are people who live in them all the time, and for whom the surrealism of that place (ie spirituality in Uluru, Dolce Vita in Rome, surfing on Ipanema Beach etc) is the norm, whereas for us it can just seem like a flight of fancy. 

My mate and me were talking about which moment in history we would like to have lived through. I said that for me it would be the fall of the Berlin Wall, what a moment of history to be caught up in.  And then it struck me: some lucky, native speaker of English, born in 1968-69 and working as a TEFL teacher on an undergraduate year abroad in West Berlin, WOULD HAVE lived there at that time and witnessed it all. What an amazing experience to be caught up in (they may well be telling the grandchildren about it right this very minute!). Such an experience of history in the making would have happened to SOMEONE and certainly wouldn’t have been mundane. 

Look at James Corden meeting the biggest singers ever whilst filming Carpool Karaoke.  That’s far from mundane, yet he is just a ‘normal’ bloke from High Wycombe. Look at Barack Obama becoming an ethnic minority President of the USA.  At the age of 18 he was a delinquent on the streets of Honolulu, and about as far removed from the White House as you can get.  Look at the life of George Orwell and how madcap it was.  Or you could read successful testimonies in books like Chicken Soup for the Soul (I particularly like the story ‘Glenna’s Goal Book’)

So the trick is to think big and think about what AMAZING THINGS you would like to happen to you.  Rank them in order of importance, and then focus on the biggest one first. Manifest that and it will probably help the others to happen. Once you have manifested one amazing thing, then you can manifest others and the amazing will become your new normal. 

Yes, because a "normal" life after all can be pretty boring. Extraordinary things can give you such a drive, such a motivation sometimes.

What we need to do now is to focus on something which is important to us, yet also EXTRAORDINARY in some way. Maybe something which seems impossible, or which has been blocked by lockdown. Focus on that and tell the Universe that this is what you intend to create. Be a co-creator with the Universe: you supply the thoughts and it supplies the hows and then brings it to you. Once you had done that, you will then have an amazing or impossible experience which has just happened, and you will think “ what I can do once, I can do again and again.  Nothing is impossible for me. “.  What an opportunity this lockdown can provide us!  (Just don’t tell anyone else; use blind faith and keep it between you and the Universe). 

All the responses to this post are awesome! 

I didnt know I needed to hear all this. We take things for granted and then complain about life.

It is all about perspective!!



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