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Everytime I think about attracting money, the thought keeps comping up that the way I manifest it may be through taking away opportunities from others, that thought stops me from being able to manifest even one dollar. I imagine that a poor kid has an idea to do something and that I then, through the Law of Attraction, manifest that opportunity and leave him poor. I know that there is an unlimited amount of wealth in the universe, but who says that that kid knows about this. So I could perhaps take a once in a lifetime opportunity from him. Or my mind gives me the thought that if I win the lottery through manifestation, someone else who may have needed it much more is then "screwed out" of winning the lottery. So my mind is blocking my manifestation abilities through these thoughts. I know deep inside that this is a false idea and I really want to get rid of this incorrect way of thinking as it stops me from having a prosperous life, could you guys help me out and explain the flaw in my thinking?

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“I know that once you are connected to poverty, you will be poor no matter what”

Says who?  Not at all true.  In fact many people who have started out poor have gone on to become very rich and well off.  Whats the difference between them and you?  Probably belief.  That’s all.

Its not actually universal law that once you have a poverty mindset you are stuck with it.  Rather its more about your focus.  So even with poverty mind set, if you focus on poverty you get more of it.  If you focus on money and wealth and abundance it starts showing up.  The problem is it takes dedication. 

Now notice I suggested savings and you think that means “stashing some money away”.  That’s one option, but I was actually thinking that you could put some in an account so you get the interest and you build it into a little nest egg.  The having money becomes your norm rather than the feeling of lack and no money.  Its just one of many possibilities available to you and there are others too. 

Now it may be difficult to choose a certain mindstate (maybe but maybe not) but you can always choose a more positive and abundant feeling if you really desire to that will help you feel good.  When you feel scared, you do indeed feel scared but its not difficult to stop or choose something else.  You are making it difficult for yourself.  So perhaps really you aren’t ready to change.  If you were, you would be willing to do whatever is necessary and you simply aren’t yet.

Maybe reverse psychology would work better instead: “No AJ you cannot become rich ever, you are too powerless and weak and not good with money and will always be for ever and ever no matter what you do”

thank you for being so honest with me. I will try to make sure that I do things that make me feel better when I feel bad or fearful

No problem, and I hope it helps you get to feeling good and feeling better as quickly as possible because thats where the magic happens.

Do you perhaps have some uplifting facts that can lessen that fear of losing everything? Perhaps about how difficult losing everything is as you need a lot of negative energy etc. And how do you deal with this fact, knowing that a negative mindset change can change everything?

I dont have anything to share as its not something I personally believe in.  However I did google quickly and there are a ton of things that come up:




How do you deal with this fact, knowing that a negative mindset change can change everything?  Well there are a few different things that spring to mind.  Firstly is this 100% true - can you actually lose everything?  What is the evidence for this. Who actually says a "negative" mindset is able to change EVERYTHING?  Sure it can alter things or change them but even then the change is not permanent.  Change is the only constant in the universe is a famous tao saying for good reason because its a focus and perspective that no matter what change is always possible.

Secondly looking to see if there is evidence to support the opposite can help to create a balance within that idea or thought you are wanting or desiring to hold on to.  

I know that once you are connected to poverty, you will be poor no matter what.

Not always true and just a belief.  An interesting choice that you can use to create your life and limit you or you can use it to go further and create.  Choice is always yours.

So even if you have billions of dollars stashed in hundreds of off-shore bankaccounts, if you gain a povertymindset, you will lose it all.

Not always true.  Think of people who started out in life poor and go on to become millionaires.  Thats already disproving the above mindset theory.  Likewise its actually about the beliefs you have about money and its limitations.  Thats why a lot of lottery winners win millions and go bankrupt.  They don't update their thinking and they use the same beliefs that they had prior to winning the lottery and ideas and beliefs about having money (its not safe, or money is dangerous) to lose it.  

That's a universal law.

It actually isn't a law, just a belief.  One you are creating and validating and enacting.  

So even if you feel "safe" by stashing some money away, it's just a fake feeling.

It may start out being a fake feeling, but the more you enjoy money the more you start to build that feeling and emotion and you start vibrating and encouraging money to come to you.  In the beginning everything feels different and maybe fake, but it is a step towards your desires.  Nothing more or nothing less.  

I think my main problem is the fear of not being able to control my mind.

Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real.  Yep you have that here.  You can't really control anyting and would you really desire to?  Part of lifes beauty is that its full of surprises.  However how you choose to respond to a surprise is up to you.  For me, I love being surprised by money.  It shows up every day for me in a different form than I imagine and it always seems to come to me without effort because of my mindset.

Because it's very difficult to choose a certain mindstate, when you feel scared, you just feel scared and it's very difficult to stop.

Actually it really isn't different to choose at all, and its interesting words and order you have just placed with the universe.  

Its only unconquerable if you make it so, what if it was easy and effortless instead?  

maybe you will love this video, this lovely woman explains loa in a different cool way and i think this video about attracting money is really helpful:



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