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Am I the sum total of everyone I've met and all the experiences I've had?

Is there more to me... How do I become "me" and go beyond what I think I am?

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Good question!

I am infinite possibilities, but what I think I am is but only a story I tell myself about myself. Without the story I tell myself about myself I return to me.
I was going to say I am GOD ...but that is too simplifiied an explanation.

I believe you are you a unique 'cell' of God, and I am also a unique 'cell' of God, and when we put all the trillions of you's and me's (all the souls) together then WE are GOD.

And like a 'cell' in a human body we each specialise, that is why we have unique physical expressions, we are men, women, black, white, athletic, academic, adverturesome or kindnatured etc Just like the body cells we perceive the world the "whole' differently. Also just like a body cell, each cell has the ability to 'be' any other type of cell and each cell has all the features (the dna) of the Whole body too, like a holograph !

When we excel in our own uniqueness we add to the whole, but also when we act as "one", when we give in service of each other we also add to the whole in a more aware way. No cell is unimportant and no cell can really exist without the other cells because communication and cooperation is all part of the whole.

So Bernard, I would say you are a brain cell, somewhere up near the pineal gland doing the master work ! I imagine Sadaam Husein was a foot cell, who developed into a corn in his belief that he could change all the people around him, he caused distortion and pain, he nearly caused the rest of us to react by cutting off our foot but thankfully that hasnt happened !

I think because we are unique parts of the Whole and we are here to be aware of that uniqueness, we often conflict with each other because we are excited by what we find out about our little world and we want to share it, and we can share it with those closest to us as they share a similar world but when we reach out we find how liittle of hte world we know and then we have to start learning again. Eventually we find truths that relate to ALL of us as a WHOLE and these truths resonate with most people.

I think while we are here in the Physical it is a good idea to engage with the uniqueness, admire it in ourselves nad in others, explore its possibilities ...because it is the uniqueness that is the unknown. Back in Heaven after each lifetime we KNOW the WHoleness, so it is the uniqueness of each of us that is pushing our boundaries out wider and wider. It is individuals who are trying to manifest more abundance, heal illnesses, push the boundaries of science to time travel or travel though space ...to genetically modify our plants and our limbs ..

Just thoughts ....from my own unique position ...hope I am an immune system cell and not just some waste management disposal cell ..... oops didnt I say that all cells are equal in the eyes of God ...now that is where an immune cell like me can go all haywire and start to attack itself. (I know I read too many Beanos and the Numskulls when I was young !)

love and light gen
Thank you all for the great replies!

The reason I asked the question is because I am feeling a little lost... Yesterday I started thinking about the many fears we humans have and how they came to exist in our minds. I started to realize that this "entity" that is within me that has all of these FEARS is NOT ME. It is the result and creation of some past experience that has grown into something that is controling ME (I hope I am making sense).

How do I move beyond the fear that has become almost indistinguishable from ME? How do I move beyond the false being within? I don't want to destroy the ego, I simply want to destroy the FEAR that it has grown within me...

There is only LOVE and FEAR right? I know that we live in a world governed by duality, but I see no reason why we can't only have LOVE...
What you focus on is what expands, so keep the focus constantly on Love. If you see everything through the eyes of Love, soon fear begins to vanish away.
Do meditations just thinking of radiating Love to everyone you know. Send yourself deep Love in meditations. All throughout the day keep thinking the word "Love" If challenged with a situation with someone ask, "what would Love do now?"
Also, think, "how may I serve or help?" If you do that enough a kind of peace sets in and these kinds of things infuse you with enough love to where these fears drop away because Love has taken their place instead.
Makes a lot of sense, Brian! Thank you. :-)
Hey Bernard......Fear is simply something YOU created in your mind and EGO is actually a part of who you are so instead of having to decide what to do with EGO and thinking that EGO somehow has power of your FEAR, simply become EGO-FRIENDLY! And let go of fear. Let it go because it really serves you no purpose - in fact fear is probably the most debilitating emotion there is - but you KNOW that by having fearful thoughts just puts you in a fearful state and its just a dominating thought process of which YOU can always correct. If you can understand that it is a RESISTANCE then you can easily change your NATURAL BEHAVIOR. It is a natural urge to create a defense against something that you feel threatened by but creating such resistance is merely a waste of energy that can and should be used for much better purposes.

The Law does not require us to work over or against the things we do NOT want but it does require us to work with and for that which we DO want.

Look at it this way, it is unwise to go through life fighting, opposing, resisting and arguing. It just creates many obstacles and friction that only cause us harm, and don't serve any significant purpose. So it is with great wisdom to REALIZE that if you don't need to fight with the outside world, why would you fight with yourself. Don't let obstacles get in your way, don't let it stop your progress. Find a way to go around the obstacles with as much NON-RESISTANCE as possible. And eventually, without fail, we get stronger and our paths become straighter, until we are unstoppable. Make little of the obstacles and this includes fear and keep your mind trained on the objective instead, and you will reach your goal.

Love is an understanding, a state of being!

You are Love Bernard!
I'm you and you and you and you and you and YOU'RE GONNA LOVE ME!
The best way to do this, I think, is to find the love inside you and the things that feel good to you. That is you. The fear is sometimes a pathway -- when you embrace it, you dissolve it, and you find the power that is YOU within it.

I think that our worst fears, frustrations, etc., contain within them the equal and opposite POWER of our desires and who we are. The things that bug us most have within them, hiding, the magnitude and burst of the REAL strength of who we are -- perfect love.

That is who you are. And you create what is around you, so it's all a part of you. What I create is different. The life I have is different. The things that turn me on, get my juices flowing, are different. The things that feel like deep peace are different than they are for you. So what feels like that for you IS YOU.

Everything about your journey can be validated. Even your ego. I tend to move my sights away from the idea of ego being something to fight or reject. When I embrace what I call "ego," which maybe is seen as the part of me that I don't want to live in or live out of, or fights for life, I find that everything integrates -- there is no battle.

I don't tend to think in terms of Ego because it doesn't ring true with me, but that's not saying it's wrong -- it's just not a concept that fits -- or, maybe what some think of Ego, is the same thing as something I'm thinking about -- with different words.

So for you, if there is fear, inside the fear (of whatever it is you're fearing), is the POWER of who you really are -- with absolutely nothing to fear at all.

And maybe that's what Ego is -- that which attempts to define who we are -- the part that does NOT recognize the magnitude of who we are as love, joy, spirit -- and wants to define itself/ourselves as a limited being on this earth; a personality construct --

and yet even all of it, in every way, is a tool for us to become who we are.

In other words, everything we regard as a limitation, is actually a gift to us, in order for us to break free of its grasp on us. So when we embrace it, it loses its power to limit us, and becomes the opposite -- by propelling us into our power.

Mary Jo
WOW, women definitely know how to put things into words that I can actually understand. :-)

You have helped a lot! I've been looking for a way to release my fears or get rid of them - MAGICALLY. But now I see that the only way to get rid of them is to face them (without force :-) ) and find the my true self within them.

I've always wondered why people often get an "epiphany" when they (ego) are faced with death (fear)...

Now I see...
Hey Bernard................ haven't read all the comments yet.................. so don't know if anyone has said this, but ;

YOU are Whoever or Whaterer YOU want to be................ consciously or unconsciously........ that's YOUR CHOICE..

Are you the product of your associations, environment and experiences.................. YES, from a cetain point of view............ from YOUR point of view............... it is your current beliefs that form WHO YOU ARE (from an ego viewpoint)............ if YOUR beliefs change............. YOUR past can change.................. something that happened in your past may have been "pain" for you, and upon changing your beliefs, changing your viewpoint, it could change to "the best thing that ever happened to you".................. if you know what I mean.................

Is there more?................................ YES YES YES YES YES YES............................... if you want to find out..................... go looking, and you WILL find it....................... ask YOUR questions to YOURSELF, and the answers will show up........................

enjoy the ride, cheers..
I saw you write this on a different thread yesterday, and I loved it.

Is their a reason to maintain an ego, separate from all that is? I kinda think so.... if not, what would be the purpose of our visits here on earth? I think we're supposed to gather all the knowledge and lovely human experiences we can, so we can bring back those feelings to the place we go after this...

To go beyond what you think you are currently, might somehow mean you were giving yourself a value judgment about how far you've come until now. As if you haven't done well enough?... fat chance, you're already PERFECT.

I don't think any of us should be waiting around to die or move on... I also think we have no choice but to learn more or experience more. Even if we sit around and watch life as observers, lots of things still happen. Just ask Eckart Tolle.

God I love this forum!


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