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Over the last couple of months am suddenly starting to look puffed up and really stupid in my pics. Trust me, I used to love the way I look. Also, am crushing over a guy and he is starting to like me too. Suddenly my ugly pictures are posted by a fitness group all over social media. Am so depressed. I don't want him to see me like this. I understand if two people really like each other, looks don't matter, but am feeling so low becoz of this. What should I do to mmake myself feel attractive ?

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Eat healthier foods? Drink more water, exercise, get good rest.

Don't keep drinking alcohol, eat fatty foods, cut out the sugary stuff, the processed foods. 

Good luck

I hve been exercising everyday. More like running a long distance quite often.
If you liked the way you look before, focus on that. Do you have pictures of the way you looked then? I'd recommend paying more attention to those than the ones on social media and the image you see in the mirror. Our appearance matches our perception of ourselves.
That can help. Thank you Billie
No problem :)

I would have to disagree, respectfully. Our appearance is usually different from the way we perceive ourselves. Because negative feelings lie. We feel insecure for no reason and on the flip side some people don't look that great but perceive themselves to look really good. Personal experience with this: Before when I was struggling with low emotions I had the belief that I was "ugly" even though others would say I was good looking. It was a stupid, nonsensical belief and perception I would see in the mirror that had no baring in reality. But that's how negative feelings lie, and cause body dysmorphia. And yes, projecting those feelings didn't make me look better, while projecting feelings of looking good, does improve your looks.

Specific advice for Cleo: You're just noticing your flaws while other people notice your strengths, or other endearing things. Just give yourself more love, and also take practical steps be it exercise, healthy eating etc. But I'm pretty sure this is mostly in your perception.

Thank you Astro. That was insightful.
If you think this, then it is the result of the thoughts you have been having over a sustained period of time. They probably started off subtly at first and have snowballed into something bigger. But are you sure you are that ugly? The guy you are in to seems to like you, and the fitness company are using a picture of you on social media. Neither of those happen if others think of you as ugly. Start tweeting your thoughts again, and make sure that your diet and water intake are good.

Thank you sir Neil.. I really liked what u said, if my pics were so ugly, why wud a fitness group post them on their social media. For now, As am starting to get happier and not stressing over a few pictures, I have starred to see a remarkable difference. I was in a low state for about 3 months and that kind of showed in my pictures too. My pics look very different now, as far as the guy is concerned, well he seems to be crushing on someone else, but am trying to gather a set of my own fans too. I don't know if this is going to lead somehwre but I hope the guy sees me as the best.

Yes, it will certainly show up in your pictures because what you feel and think on the inside will also manifest on the outside.  You will send out what is called a 'pilot wave' which is the vibration which goes out ahead of you and brings back people and circumstances which align with that.  When your vibration is low, you attract negative circumstances.  Your improved vibration will also show up in how people reaction and treat you, so keep it up and things will keep on improving.

Pilot wave, exactly !! Another thing I wanted to ask u is, I have this urge to get out of my current situation and create something new, like I feel I need to take a break from everything and start over. Do I really need to do that or I can change the circumstances while in the midst of it

You can change it over a period of time (and that doesn't have to be too long either). Each thought you think doesn't merely correct the current events, it also creates something new, and shifts your vibration so that you can start attracting better things.

What I would suggest you do is to first send an intention to the Universe, for a positive change in your life.  It knows what you desire, and if you do this and give it permission for it to intervene in your life, it will.  It can't do anything without you giving your permission first, because it can't impede upon your free will.

Then, make a list of the things in your current circumstances, and start giving thanks for them - good and bad.  Odd as this sounds, if you give thanks for your current life, it creates a positive vibration around it and that enables you to attract better things.  Most people fall into the trap of hating their current circumstances and wishing for better, and this just traps them in the same reality because they are putting their focus upon what they dislike.  When you give thanks for your current circumstances, the absence of complain and negative thoughts, enables positive energy to flow into them, and for them to open up for you.

What will happen is your current circumstances will improve and become more enjoyable, whilst at the same time, you become a vibrational match for the change which you desire.


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