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Flowerpatch is a name I chose because I love flowers and it has served me well over the years because I haven't grown tired of it and actually still like it. Bit isn't Flowerpatch just an illusion really? Sure I have shared my deepest self with you on some levels but what about the times when I hold back? What am I hiding?


......Like not skyping with a friend because I don't look good enough or when friends come over and I start closing doors to certain rooms in the house because of the wretched mess? How about when I am moving towards "success"  and then suddenly freeze when fear overtakes me~fear that I can't do it just perfectly? ( I have an 8 am meeting tomorrow and I have completely freaked myself out. I am perfectly capable and yet I am so afraid.) I KNOW this meeting is more than just a meeting. It is  about me allowing me to be imperfect.




The truth is I AM NOT PERFECT. I can only do what I can do. I don't have all the answers! I want to do a good job and I may screw up. I am learning and will give it my best, but my best may not be good enough for you. But it has to be good enough for me.









I wonder....

Why is it so important that you love me?


And why do I feel like a fake because you do?


Damnit, I want your love. I deserve it. I am taking it. (Ok, David!!!)



Will you still love me tomorrow? I don't know. Will you leave? Maybe. All is well no matter what because love flows through me. I let go fo the fear. I am ME and I am FREE.

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I will love you when you're dirty and look like hell and I will love you when you're smiling and in your Sunday best. Besides it's not up to you WHEN I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh to be the true and authentic self. You have to be okay with all of you first... before you let everyone else see you who you really are that is my experience. I am struggling with some of the same things. You are absolutely perfect who you are and it will be absolutely perfect how you handle your meeting. Thank you for sharing this and sharing yourself. Luv yah, Ellen
I put up my post, made a cup of tea and came back to five responses!!!


Awesome, I know lol. This time I already know!!! ;)
I love you
For who you are
And I know who you are

And I will still write these three little dots, because I can't find again the right words to express here what I want to express:


Forever. Eternally. UNCONDITIONALLY.

You are not perfect, as I am not perfect eiether. But to me, you are PERFECT.

You have to accept your imperfections, sister, because they are PERFECT!
Btw, I loooooooooove you so much and want to hug you even with some cream on your face because you're madly scratching "thanks" to some silly poison ivy, so... ;-)
Okay.....so the first time meeting on skype had set conditions YOU placed on it. In truth, I love you anyway and will love you tomorrow! You are more then your hair, more then your presentation, more than you name. You are the perfect version of YOU at this very moment. Sure we all like to think we can do better and improve, but in essence that's why we're here to begin with.

The one thing I always try to remind myself is that everyone is thinking the same thing. Am I good enough? Am I doing a good enough job? Am I striving to improve?...okay, well maybe they don't think that at the post office..but you get my meaning. LOL What I'm trying to say is that, most of us are feeling the same way, including those in the meeting tomorrow.

Instead of thinking, "am I good enough?" turn it around. Are they worthy enough to except my presentation and efforts, believing that I did my best? I always think of interviews that way. I am interviewing them to see if they are worthy enough to work for. YOU ARE WORTHY BECAUSE YOU ARE YOU!

Yes, I will love you tomorrow my dear SS, and you will do fine! And next time we attempt to skype and your hair looks bad....wear a hat!
I love you Cheryl (flowerpatch) .....I love you because you are not perfect ...I love you because I am not perfect .. we are only perfect when we all join together once again and become ONE, Perfect God. But here in this lovely Earth, we have flaws, and faults, and hair out of place and we shout at our kids and we lose our jobs and cant pay our bills ... and we moan about not manifesting correctly and we moan when we feel unloved ...but truth is We are LOVE and we are LOVED and we all need each other ...because somewhere out there in the ether we are ONE.

Here we are fragmented and so we NEED each other ...and I know I need you and all the other lovely people here ..I FEEL that need to be loved and I FEEL the need to love as well. And look at all we do achieve here, all the love we share, all the feelings we share, all the knowledge and information we share, look how we help each other and look at all the help we receive.

Each of us is like a cell of body, and we need to love every cell of our body, that is love of self, that is the God Love.

I LOVE you, I love each and every one of you, Gen
Ditto...Gen said it beautifully!
Gen, I love what you said that each of us is a cell....beautiful. You alone can create world peace.
Yes, Cheryl, OF COURSE!!! :D


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