The 90 Day Co-Creating Challenge will begin on July 1st and end on Oct 1st. We will write about what we are manifesting for the next 3 months. We will share ways we are achieving our goals, success stories, progression each day or week.
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  • My 90 day challenge is to have a ring and be moved back in with my BF....Please help me get this guys!!!!! thanks for the help!!!!

  • I intend on finding my soulmate and improving my finances.
  • How can i join this ? please mail me to

  • This group has changed over to "Co-Creating A Positive Life".  Would love to have you join us!

    This page has been inactive for a while.

  • I intend to start employing the right -side of my brain for the highest good. I will picture the things i desire to manifest through visualization and words in my mind.
  • I started a new group page called "Co-Creating A Positive Life".  Everyone can join.  Thanks
  • I'm up for a 90 day challenge if you ever get enough people.
  • Hi Magda:


    I would love too, but haven't had much interest from others.




  • Anyone up for another 90 day challenge?
  • Well, a better job means more money to make marriage and kids a real possibility. i'm still grateful!
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Manifesting a Foundation.

Late last weekI lay on my couch and thought to myself, “Wow, I really feel an extreme mentalhealthiness right now.” What followed was an awesome week of life in which I wasable to achieve many goals with tireless effort, my family was noticeably happierin my presence, and I was noticeably happier with myself. But just a few daysago it seems that I have stepped head long into a paradigm shift that has beenall too common to my past. Where I seem to experience just the opposite of whatI am…

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