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  • By using the power and nature of my subconscious mind, I think I can allow my teeth to completely heal into perfect alignment! :)

  • I just want to give an update on where I am now. I've decided to let what I thought were "signs" of my having a girl go. I stopped even trying to understand why I noticed them and what they could've meant. I believe that it was just my ego holding on to a desire that wouldn't really help develop me spiritually. Honestly, if I had planned this pregnancy, I would've only done it because I was guaranteed a girl, not because I wanted to bring another life into the world. My desire for a daughter is the equivalent to my desire for a designer bag, and that's why I didn't get my girl. This was a life lesson given to me by the Universe. In order to transcend my ego state, I needed to be challenged. The Universe knew exactly that I would be searching for "the reasons why" the moment I didn't get what I wanted.

    Yesterday, I allowed my ego to overwhelm me when another friend of mine announced that she is expecting a daughter. I kept thinking, "why not me?!" But then, I realized that I can't allow myself to continue to be upset over something I cannot change. My third and final child is a boy! So this morning, I began saying affirmations. It started out rough though because I couldn't connect with the words I was speaking. At first, I said, "I love and accept my unborn son." But in the back of my mind, I knew I already did. That wasn't the issue. I know I love my baby regardless of his sex. The problem is that I have an issue with being a mother of only boys. So I changed my affirmations to, "I love and accept being a mother of three boys." And for some reason that clicked for me. I've been saying it all day, and I feel 10 times better than I did yesterday. I even went over and had a general conversation with my friend who said she was having a girl yesterday. The sting of my reality is still there, but not remotely as bad as yesterday, and I am grateful for that.

    Today, I also went out and bought some things for my unborn son, which ignited a little excitement about his arrival. So I'm getting there, but I know it's going to take some work and dedication on my part. Now, instead of focusing on "why me" or "why not me," I can start using my subconcious to help me lose some of this baby weight after I deliver and getting me through my Ph.D program.
    • This is so inspiring EShine. Thank you so much for sharing your experience so honestly.

      I have the same feelings about signs, and coming here reading your insight aided me in opening my heart to the blessings of signs.That is, even if i didn't understand them. Maybe we were just wanting to see signs so badly that we simply attracted seeing" signs of what we wanted," rather than "seeing signs of the truth."

      Maybe that's how I should change the way I ask for signs from now on! :)

      I hope your child is healthy and bright and that your life is unfolding in miraculous ways.

      Thanks again :)



  • I have always been a believer of synchronicity. And for the most part, I have benefitted from paying attention to the signs. However, now I'm really confused about my subconcious' influence and signs or coincidences that manifest in my world. Please don't judge me based on what I'm about to tell you. But I really want to know, if the things I consider as signs, the unexpected things that happen based on a real desire, what do I do with that information? Should I believe that my desire will come true? Or is it just the universe signalling that my desire is recognized, but I may not necessarily get what I desire?

    I am experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. I really didn't want to get pregnant unless I would be guaranteed a girl as I already have two boys. Since I couldn't find that guarantee, I was beginning to become comfortable with having just my two sons. Well, when I got pregnant, I instantly hoped that the Universe had smiled upon me to give me a daughter. Then, all signs began to point to my being pregnant with a girl. For example, this pregnancy was completely different from the other two (i.e., more nausea, more headaches, more breast tenderness, etc.). Then, I had three dreams of the baby being a girl. Additionally, while my husband, sons, and I were in St. Thomas, a complete stranger told us that the baby I was carrying was a girl. Another example of a sign was when I was watching a show called "A Baby Story" and the couple on the show had a girl and named her Ysabel. At the time, my husband and I were in disagreement about what to name our daughter. I wanted to name her Ysabel, spelled exactly the way the couple spelled theirs, and he wanted to name her Madisyn.

    However, at 17 weeks, my ultrasound tech told me that I was having another boy. I have to admit I was disappointed. But I tried to push my disappointment out of my mind to love and accept my 3rd son wholeheartedly. Then one day, while running errands, I went down a street I've gone down a few times. Yet for the first time, I noticed a sign named "Pink Destiny Center." A couple weeks later, I feel that I am completely over my gender disappointment, and I noticed the name Sadye (Sadie) on television credits. I fleetingly thought how that would be a cute name if I were having a girl. I didn't think about it again until a couple days later when I woke up with a song in my head. I hadn't heard the song recently so it was not anything recent that could influence that. Anyway, in the chorus of the song it sings something about "Sweet Sadie."

    Normally, I would take these things as signs, but I don't know if I should believen in them anymore. I have considered that maybe the ultrasound tech was wrong, but I got confirmation from a totally different tech. And I purchased a urine test that detects the Y chromosome in your urine, which indicated boy. And then I paid to speak to a psychic who also confirmed boy.

    My question to you is what is the purpose of all these so-called signs when they only mislead you to believe something else? And now that I'm making every effort to be a loving and grateful mother to my unborn son, why is that inkling of hope for a girl still lingering when I know for a fact it's not? Also, this is my last child because my husband and I don't want to raise more than 3 even if the next time I could be guaranteed a girl. I have too many life goals to accomplish aside from being a mother.

    What is my subconcious mind telling me? I'm losing faith, and I don't know what to believe anymore.

    Thanks for helping me to better understand the Universe and it's messages to me. Thanks again!!!
  • As everyone else has said, the limits are set by ourselves. And unfortunately, we allow the opinions of others (i.e. mainstream society) influence us. As Henry Ford said, "whether you think you can or think you can't, either way you are right." Suppose you can manage your subconscious mind by reinforcement, which I believe is true but sometimes it is difficult to monitor what your subconscious mind is currently focusing on, because I believe it too wonders just like the conscious mind; however, without us explicitly knowing and maybe not as often.

    There is this really cool text messaging service called synctxt ( that helps me manage how my subconscious mind is influencing my life. For example, remaining positive and relaxing has been a focus of mine so I added "remain positive" as a possible message that I could receive via the service. I was running late to the train station with my friend and she was stressing out, which was starting to worry me. I received a new text message and it was an alert from synctxt which chose to send me my "remain positive" message. The exact reminder at the exact time. The service is really pretty amazing. There is a free trial period so I recommend all my friends to try it.

    Coincidences are ways of showing us that we are on the right track and our subconscious is providing us opportunities in line with our thoughts. We all know this but having a helpful reminder every once in awhile doesn't hurt either.

    "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's attractions" Einstein
    • Fabulous idea, Justin! Thanks for sharing it here. :)

      Love and Light and Magic xxx
  • Regarding what the subconscious mind is capable of, I don't think there are any limits. The limits set upon it are the limits we ourselves set upon it. Its the programming we pick up from parents, churches, television, music, society, etc. I think you I think you have to really push, to absolutely demand that your subconscious give you what you want and allow you to access its limitless power. And you must keep this up, do it daily, with affirmations, visualization, writing, etc. This is the way to gain mastery of the subconscious and be able to command its vast power at will. Its subjective though which is why you must constantly bombard it with the ideas, thoughts and commands you want so that it operates with oyu and not against you. Given time, I do believe that a person who has mastered his or her subconscious can do anything. Literally anything.
    • Hi Jason :)

      I agree that the programming we get from birth puts Powerful limits on our abilities. I also agree that it's possible to change those core beliefs with affirmations and visualization etc... BUT.... it takes longer than one expects! I know I'm not the only one who has felt frustrated in the past because "nothing's happening, nothing's changing" despite doing all the afirmations and visualization etc. I didn't realise at the time, just what is involved!

      Allllllllllllll the years of programming - core beliefs being ingrained... it's no wonder a few weeks, or even months of changing conscious thought, affirmations and visualization often doesn't change much ;) It's like trying to write with a pencil over carvings in stone ;)

      However, realising this, and given enough time of consistantly doing it until a result shows (regardless of how long it takes), will eventually produce the results. The other option is to clear the programming first (file down those old carvings) so that the new programming shows faster - and this can be done using PATHS (the fastest one I've come across), EFT, Ho'oponopono, Greene's Release... and there are a lot more. It's a case of finding the one that resonates with you.

      Love and Light and Magic xxx
    • Hey illusions,

      I must say that you made an excellent statement "The other option is to clear the programming first (file down those old carvings) so that the new programming shows faster"

      I never actaully thought of that and it makes perfect sense. If we take a look at one belief that we do not want and try to minimize it or get rid of it using a clearing method, the actual belief that we would like to have may come even faster when attempting to reprogram our Subconscious Mind.

      Out of all the books that I've read, I do not remember anyone explaining the clearning and programming method in a combination such as that one. Did you come up with that yourself or did you read that from a book? If you read it from a book...which one was it?

      Anyway, you made me aware of something great today.


    • EFT is great for clearing old or new negative beliefs. If you don't know EFT, I discovered a method you can do at any place and at any time and with no experience at all. I do it often with anything I am resisting. You can do it too. You just have to be willing to do it, just like doing it any other way.

      Here it is:

      1. Admit to yourself what you are resisting (i.e. what you don't want.), e.g., if you don't want to lose, then tell yourself "I'm afraid of losing, I am losing, I am going to lose." Then
      2. Accept it fully. E.g., "I'm gonna lose and that's fact. I'll lose and I can't do anything about it. I'm gonna lose and that's OK." Later
      3. You can move from there and add the new belief you would like. "I can win if I want to. I want to have a good time and winning would be nice, but it's not necessary. I like winning but I don't need to win." Or, "I absolutely can win. I will certainly win." Pick which ever one feels natural and good for you and even add your own variation.

      Make sure you fully experience the accepting process which is the toughest part, but you can do it. This simple process will bring up a lot of emotion for things you have intense feelings about, and that's OK. The problem is that we are always resisting these feelings so they never get to be experienced fully, so they stay lingering beneath the surface. Once we face these feelings they disappear because we addressed them. So allow yourself to feel those things that you don't want to feel, and then accept it. Finally, you can then move on from there into what you do want and you will see incredible results.

      Hope this helps everyone!

      Peace & Love,


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