Your Car, Driven By Compressed Air!!!

Hmmmm, How I like that feeling :-)!
That feeling that we will be able to solve energy-problems and the related money issueat the same time if we want :-)! As you can see here the technology is available through fueling a car by compressed air and will be commercialised in 2009 by a french company! Also an available technology is cars driven by pure water and an amazing company in the US is about to commercialize its system that can be fixed on most of existing car modells very soon...if not already done! I love technology that works clean :-), don't you? I often imagined a lot of other machines, different than cars, for other uses that might work on fine air and it seems that alot of technologies evolve in that direction.
THAT'S JUST GREAT!!!!Can you imagine your car, driven on compressed air, just like this one in 1 year or 2 years? For my part I can :-)!Hugs,Blackpearls

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  • This is fantastic. I can see this happening in the near future, because the state the economy is in right now, with gas prices and all we need somthing to change soon. Thanks for sharing this.
  • This is a very interesting video. The technology to run vehicles on alternative fuels has been in existance for many years. Nearly all petrol engines can run on hydrogen gas. Forklift trucks for instance use propane as the bi product of burning it is water vapour. I'd considered a self replenishing waterfuel vehicle which drys the hydrogen from water, burns the gas, gives off water vapour which is then retained within the vehicle resulting in a perpetual fuel supply.

    Using compressed would seem a good alternative to fossil fuel. Surely we would need to use electric pumps to create the compressed air in the first place which could contradict the energy saving principle of the final product. But I'm sure the moment will come when Tesla's ionic generators will be used to provide us with free abundant electricity and then we'll see a wave of new vehicles including the compressed air one which I think is an excellent innovation.

    • Hello Tasted... luverly to see you ;-)
      Ionics are already here, my dear... but not for cars, I think jets are using that system.
      Teslas coil could have supplied the world with free energy.
  • this is fab... just think of the elimination of dependence on fossil fuel. Well if politicians can run on hot air... why not cars ;-)
  • Incredible!!!! Thank you for sharing this! I've actually seen a couple cars similar to these here in Seattle, not sure if the same, but interesting to find out. ~Kathleen
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