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P.S.: Here also & again the asked Link, Elke... :-P:

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  •, this wasn't intended to have you signed up :-)!
    The purpuse is just imformative! But you're probably right on the point that you should find
    where to go from there, when you see the information.
    1st if you are taking medications, keep holding them; some depending of what you have,
    might even be very necessary. But that's not the case for everything; that's the reason why you should
    look what your medications, whatever they're made for, are made of !
    Just an example ... my Girlfriend was thinking if she should take the pill for contraception or not ... we read
    what was inside of it and from there she/we decided... "Thanks, but ... No! Thanks!!!"
    It was amazing what kind of side-effects/illnesses thoses pilles might be able to produce on a long term.
    And the pills aren't even for an!
    So, concerning this, just as an example...there are other ways to take and if not...Babies are cut... ;-)!
    But let's go to the point of your question.
    Myself, I am a Silva Methode Graduate and I redirect you to the Online Methode:

    There's also a free course available that contains the real core of the methode and when using this on a daily basis, it should make alot.. ( I wanted to say..."wonders", that's really what's possible with the methode.... But see by yourself..) This said, I personally recommend you to attend a Silva Methode Basic Seminar in your Area, what is easy to figure out. Unfortunately, José Silva's not been mentioned in the Movie "The Secret", but if there's someone who really is one of the 1st pioneers making it available to the public in masses, then it definitely is Jose Silva, the Founder of the method. I will also put the banner under the free pdf-report above here. One other method or way to heal I would highly recommend you to intend, is: Reconnective Healing or The Reconnection


    If you could find a practitioner (a Practitioner-list is also available on the Eric's website) in your area, that should help alot, this said without promissing anything.
    But as practitioner, my experiences till now have been amazing!
    But whatever you do, even other methods or ways to heal, for you the prime focus should reside into
    being able to drop down your frequency in order to "Elevate It"
    (Click&See here:----> Jose Silva's Autobiography)
    On all theses methods you can find books to read, even practical Books on Silva who are really easy to understand for everybody and easy to practice, so...It's Up2 U
    And even if you have no money at all, I mean a real nearly $Zero-Account, just as it can't be better, I can show you ways to solve that.
    Don't hestitate to contact me if you got questions!

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    -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´*Blackpearls...

    P.S.: ...2B Alive Is Free Stuff, It Shouldn't Cost A Dime At All... ;-)
    The Jose Silva Autobiography!
    Find Below The Short Autobiography of José Silva!
  • it doesnt give me a website as to where to sign up .. smilin
  • Sorry I didnt explain myself properly .. the video .. doesnt tell me anymore ...i read and watched both videos and read the article of 30 myths ..i agree with all of that ..i know my mind is the basis to get rid of this tumor or cyst i have ... i just need a starting point ... or direct me to more videos please ... thank you .. Elke
  • Blackpearls ... what is this about ..??? they found a cyst or turmor .. they dont know what it is but its the size of a volleyball in my abdomin ... tell me how they did this so i can do it please ...... Elke
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