Pathways to Freedom

There is a fantastic new inspirational video that has just been released by Nik Halik and The Thrillionaires Community called, "Pathways to Freedom". In it you will be inspired to discover and explore your inner power and creativity and be motivated to live a life of financial freedom. You can check out this beautiful video at the following link: the video and have a wonderful day.Namaste,Krystara (aka Phyllis L. Swenson)

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  • Thanks Valerie for joining the Thrillionaires group. Looking forward to sharing the journey with you. Have a fantastic week.

    Krystara (aka Phyllis)

  • brilliant on my way lol love ya xxxxx
  • Fantastic Deborah. I am glad that you are loving this site and the man behind The Thrillionaires. Nik Halik is awesome! His message and his life are in alignment with the Law of Attraction and creating the life of our dreams. Looking forward to getting to know you better and having you join us. All the best with your move.

    Krystara (aka Phyllis)

  • Much Gratitude Krystara.......this is a woderful site! I love the reverence of this beautiful man! I appreciate you paying forward this site......I look forward to getting through my move in the next week, and looking deeper into this site.......and getting more envolved!

    Soaring Great Dreams..........Deborah
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