Hello lets get past those subconscious blocks to allowing cash flow. We will use Angels, Intention, EFT and meditation to acquire abundance.
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Ongoing 30/60 plus day Meditation challenge
For those wanting to gather together for the common good of helping each other obtain abundance.
Start anytime you want, but commit to 30 - 60 days.
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  • Even though I have some blockages I deeply and completely accept myself.

  • I am attracting abundance in bundles...more comes every day, to bring gifts and smiles and create beauty in this world

    It is my prupose and destiny and where my heart lives

    With fairytale gardens for meditation, dreamy books to carry us all away... pretty cupcakes with glittering sugar sparkle...its our choice how we make it

    ...my choice an abundant adventure for us all to enjoy and be thrilled to love t give to enjoy in absolute abundance

  • Hi Marlene sorry to here about the spam. Your group is fabulous!
  • Please remember what this group is about...No spamming...even if it is for a good cause...it sends the wrong message.

  • This group is fantastic and I am going to visit here more often and enjoy the wonderful things - and people - here. Thank you!
  • Visualize, expect, accept, collect - Helen Hadsell
  • I have found that affirmations are definitely life-changing! I was overwhelmed with anxiety and fear. I met with a minister who practices kinesiology asking the subconscious questions. We then find the affirmation that I need to work on that week and I have to practice it for a certain number of days. I have let go of my abusive boyfriend, am less stressed, full of light and look forward to whatever each day has to bring. Plus I went to see an EFT practitioner and the pain in my lower abdomen went away! I shall continue to use this technique for everything. Right now my daughter who was diagnosed with bipolar, cannot sleep due to reoccurring nightmares, and severe digestive problems. She has agreed to try EFT for one month and see if it changes!!! I will keep you all informed. Blessings to all!
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Testimonies..brought over from my free healing site...www.advancedefthealing.ning.comSunil Rendawa Comment by Sunil Rendawa on October 27, 2009 at 1:46amI must share something amazing, ive been in a rut recently about getting a new job and the anxiety kept making me sick. yesterday i closed my eyes and did this meditation, and as asoon as i had finished, i got a call from a company i had previously tried and failed with and they offered me a job. :) .Today after lunch i did the meditation again…

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Cleanse the Currency on 09-09-09Live Wednesday, September 9, 2009 8:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time Call in phone number for live Freedawn Radio, (347) 308 - 8137 or listen to us on the web at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Freedawn-Radiowww.morningmessages.com also has info of audio broadcastLive audio broadcast with Peggy on 09-09-09 Hosted by http://www.metaphysicalwisdom.compeggyblack@aol.comImagine the shift in the monetary system when you join with other conscious, enlightened beings…

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