asking for money

A lady come up to me at the farm store yesterday and handed me a note telling me she was deaf and her son was in hospital and she needed gas YADDA YADDA YADDA she was asking for 10 or 20 dollars well I had 3 dollars change in my hand and I gave it to her. You should have seen the look she gave me LIKE OH I asked for 10 whats this. at that moment I thought how ungrateful and then I thought well the universe will take care of her> She was NOT grateful for what she was given....

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  • The energy you received from her was also the energy which is sent to the Universe when people are ungrateful.  It's not particularly pleasant, and tends to be very blocking to what you desire.  Money flows to where it's appreciated.  

  • We do what we can when we can.
  • you have to be greatful with what you are given before you are given more
  • Let it be.

    You gave. Did you give unconditionally?

    Feel good for what you did and receive your blessing.

    (Maybe she truly was in dire and desperate need and she was just extremely disappointed)

    - just another way of looking at it.
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