Could you do with some positive brainwashing?

Whenever we hear the term ‘brain washing’, it automatically conjures up negative associations of people being forced into having certain beliefs by an outside party. But think about it – couldn’t everybody’s mind benefit from some different input.

Brainwash Yourself Into More Positive Thoughts

I like to think of self-brainwashing as the practice of deliberately replacing old, outmoded thought patterns with new, improved positive ones, which are directly related to the goals I want to achieve.

Another way to look at it is to return our minds back to the state it was in when we were children and we thought anything was possible – the state it was in before we became adults and became inundated with negative beliefs, fears and limitations. Imagine being able to ‘wash out’ all of these seemingly harmless remarks we have been hearing since childhood and replacing them with remarks that affirm how positive life can be.

The key is belief. If you believe you can do something, you can. If you believe you can’t do something, you will be right too.

Brainwash Yourself Into A Stronger State of Self-Belief

But how do we change our beliefs? Probably the best way is through the use of affirmations, which is a positive self talk statement, said in the present tense that addresses something you want to achieve and that ‘overrides’ any negative beliefs you may have about your ability to achieve that goal. Try, for example:

‘I am in a loving, healthy relationship.’

‘My business is attracting money easily.’

‘I am self-confident when it comes to talking to women.’

By repeating these affirmations over and over, your mind will actually start to believe it and make this statement a reality. At some stage, you may do some work on your business plan, which leads to a change in the way you do things, or ask a female friend for some advice about speaking to women and pick up a tip or two.

But before this can happen, it is imperative that you reflect on your beliefs, and sort out the good beliefs from the bad beliefs. After you do this you should gradually eliminate these beliefs. For each negative belief, compose a positive affirmation that is opposite to your negative belief, and repeat it to yourself every day. Writing them down also helps, so long as you put the written affirmations in places that you will see them over and over again. If you have trouble sticking with your affirmations and find that you need a boost, you could also use the subliminal method, which sends the messages directly to your sub-conscious mindwithout the interference of your conscious mind. Click here to see some examples of subliminal MP3’s and what they can do for you.

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  • Abe says its ok to be selfish..your wellbeing should matter to you first...but i have been programmed in a way that cant make an affirmation regarding my relationship with the fear that i am violating my SO right to take a decision...this is my biggest dilema right now.
  • When i hear brainwash i can literally feel i am doing something wrong but at tge same time if it is for a better relationship or future would it truly be so bad?.....are making affirmations for my SO the same as brainwashing him?
  • Well-said! And I'm really glad you put this out there. Even the examples. I find a lot of the questions on the forum right now could find this simple post useful to getting what people are looking for. ;)

    Brainwashing really does fit. I've used that word to partially jokingly tell my SO he's going to be "brainwashed" by me, eventually with all my positive living, LOA kind of talk ;) He's very open to anything I have to say and always willing to learn and try, so it wouldn't be forceful, of course. That part is only a joke & like you said, we always think negative when that word is used.

    Anyways I wanted to say you're so right! Because over the last several months that I have used positive affirmations so heavily in every aspect of my life, I truly did have a major change in beliefs and everything. Change your beliefs and it's true -- every part of you is impacted. It does change everything. Even the way you look at the most simple, everyday things!

    Those were some great positive affirmations you put out. I use positive affirmations daily & have so many (kept saved on my computer) that it's nearly book-length! Lol. But it's awesome because I can go to any category (relationship, money, self-image, success/work, etc) and read off a billion positive affirmations I've put down & after a good 5 minutes, it's hard NOT to find myself in a better place of thought. ;) They really, really do make all the difference. In fact, I think using positive affirmations could be the first most powerful step to any 'situation.' It's the first technique I use anytime I am in need... or want. :)

    I put my positive affirmations, as I said, on my computer. But since I like to use them all (if I can) daily, it got to be too time consuming to read them all off. So, I found a free program I could download and use it to turn my text into audio & now I just listen to the positive affirmations I've typed up and repeat them as I do whatever. It works! Housework is the perfect time for it because your mind is freed up enough that it's going to find something to focus hard on, so I figured why not make sure it's my positive affirmations? I also have a few favorite Abe Hicks (like the rampages of attraction ones) and James Allen audios I listen to that almost always put me in the right place. Especially "The Power of I Am" by James Allen. Probably listened to it over 400 times!

    I'm going to check out your subliminal MP3 link! I have enjoyed several binaural and isochronic tones that I've used on occasion & always enjoyed the results.

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