Ideas for attracting abundance

Hey guys,


I was wondering if you had any innovative ideas of attracting abundance into your lives. Something specific that may have worked for you..


I am new at this. So, it would be great to hear some of your ideas.


I run a young business and for now I have begun prepare Invoices way in advance to simply have something concrete to look at so that the belief will come. I hope it works.





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  • Great insight
  • listen Fall in love with your business, the invoices you wrote is a good way to attract money but i urge you to write more of these invoices and at the same time visualize that a client came to you and you wrote him that invoice and be very happy all day long detached completely from the outcomes ...Wish you sell $1,000,000 in one day
  • What works for me is seeing abundance, in things all around me. Saying thank you for them.


    Blades of Grass in my yard

    Grains of Sand on the seashore

    Leaves in the trees above

    Drops of water in the ocean and in my shower, so thankful that I can take a shower, it feels really good to be clean.

    Each strand of hair on my head

    Fibers in the carpet that line my floors

    Coffee grains that are in the filter, that makes a great cup of coffee to start my day.


    I could keep going...but I think this puts me in a mental state of appreciation, thereby opening the doors to the sight of more and more abundance, because its there already, we just don't see it until we acknowledge its presence in our lives. :)  Have a great day, and look forward to hearing from others on how they bring in abundance.




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