Judgement Jar works like magic!

I am using the five documents that melody has provided at the top of the group page, and I must tell you they are working their magic straight from the first day. Her second document, i.e. the second step to the LOA is about "knowing your worth and having it" in which there is this activity called "Judgement Jar", in which you choose a jar and label it judgement jar and whenever you get a thought of judgement towards someone or something, you straight away get a piece of paper and right it down and then put it in the jar, saying that "I remove this negative ego-driven thought from my mind. I now choose to think as a higher being." I must tell you that, exactly as it happened with Melody, I almost filled my jar full in the first few hours after I started. I thought I am a fairly positive person, but now I am more close to the deeper wisdom. 

Thank you Melody for putting up the documents! peace!

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