My Vision Board Success Story

Hi everyone!


I started a vision board awhile back, since I was unemployed for a while I put a sum of money per month that would satisfy my needs .   I also had other things on the board but that was my immediate goal.  I put it on the back of a note card in block letters and made sure it would stand out to me.     Now, I have to be honest during this time I was also listening to success subliminals from brainsync.  I would put them on right before bed and meditate, more like really just feel and imagine what it would feel like.   Sometimes, I would leave it on as I fell asleep and have it on loop from my Ipod.   I also would listen to it while driving, or when I needed a pick me up.  Sometimes you might wake up in the middle of the night, with the earphones knocked off, but you can put them back on, or not and continue to sleep.


I stopped worrying that was the first thing I noticed, then before I knew it I had a job.  Topping this off was the realization that as I took another look at the vision board that the amount I had put down for after tax monthly income was actually realized!    Now, I need to make a few things clear.   I was out of work for about 2 years, I was filling out every job application I could get my hands on,online, offline you name it.  Only after about a year and a half did I start to practice the law of attraction.   I think I could have done better or manifested faster had I been doing the tapes earlier and perhaps even more often say 3-4 times daily.


Also, I had to learn to fight off limiting beliefs.  We all have these, you have a good thought about making more or whatever you want and right after the limiting belief says something to shoot you down.  But I learned to use reason to shut this voice up.  I asked it why I couldnt do it and provided evidence that others had done it.  For instance if the market was bad, I told my brain listen the economy will get better it has its swings. Whatever happens you will adapt and do what needs to be done!


The best things that helped was not only to really imagine, but really feel emotionally what you want.  I know its hard especially when everything around you seems to be saying something different.   Let yourself dream, like when you were a kid.  When I was a kid I only got soo much time to play outside with other kids and after that it was back inside for homework and spend the rest of the time with family or in my room.   So early on I had to entertain myself and sometimes I would just day dream.  As I got older I learned to think of this as being a little off.  Honestly it was fun, and it made you feel great.  I had to learn to get that back, it was hard at first and sometimes I do struggle, but I am getting better at it.


I know that there probably are alot of people that are in the situation that I was so I hope this helped, I know I would come here looking for posts like these for inspiration or even just a guide as to what worked for people perhaps just a little hope to pick me up for the day.


ps --the audio that I used is from brainsync and its called creating success, I also used attracting wealth.  I would use the attracing wealth before bed and leave it on thru the night, but like I said if you wake up in the middle of the night and you find the earphones have come off you can either put em back on or leave em off, but I recommend you try to put em back on.   When driving or just meditating I would use the creating success, this one doesnt have voiced subliminals like the creating wealth but I find it makes me calmer and just generally lifts my mood.


Bye Guys and Good Luck and when it works please come on and share with us then we can all be happy and give others evidence to fight off those @%@!! (pardon) limiting beliefs :)

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  • Awesome post! Thanks for the inspiration!! Thank you for informative & really needed a post about Vision Board.

  • Very good for you
  • Thank you for your story it sounds wonderful. My ex boyfriend used to tell me to work on a vision board I never really understood what he meant but this article real helped.
  • Thanks so much for the encouragement! Loved your story!

  • Thanks, I enjoyed reading about your vision board results and the advise for manifesting our dreams/desires. I would like if u send me by email the brainsync like creating success and attracting wealth. my email address is dmsahare!


  • Great post!! 

  • So, inspired by what you wrote. Thank you for this wonderful story.

    I will write you soon :-)

  • This is so awesome, thanks for sharing :) I love it when we accomplish things we once thought would be hard. I am currently trying to make a vision board for doing really well in school this year. I've got to get rid of some limiting beliefs, but I know I'm well on my way. Your story is super inspiring :) Congrats on your job! 

    Lots of love going your way,

    Jasmine :)

  • enjoyed reading about your vision board results and the advise for manifesting our dreams/desires.  i too have some recordings by brainsync - creating success, attracting wealth, and others.  all of which i listen to on a regular basis, having they play as i fall asleep.  i've noticed shifts and positive things happening to and for me.  your message has given me validation and proof that it isn't 'just me'.  well done and really happy for you. 

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