Why am I still stuck?



I have been lurking for awhikle now and today I am in a depressed mood. It goes up and down and mostly I am in an upbeat mood. I want to know how can I stay in a joyful mood when I only have a few thousand dollars left to live on, have been applying for jobs everywhere I think I would want to work and I hear NOTHING at all. I am SICK of this and NEED this to work for me NOW!!!! I know what you will say; just stay happy! I know. This scenario has been going on for me for YEARS and I am FED UP with not getting what I have asking and asking for. I just want to give up an everything.


How can I stay happy when my reality is what I have described? I REALLY want and need some solid advice here; if ANYONE feels they can help me in a concrete way, I would be FOREVER grateful to you.


Thank you so much.


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  • This FANTASTIC video truly explains why you are still stuck and your dream hasn't manifested yet- from minute 33:14:

    "Self-Sabotage, Daydreaming, Deep Beliefs, Why We're Here, 5 Reasons You're Stuck" by 'Mike Dooley'


  • Hi Jasmine I really loved your writing, It helps me too. What "pull out of writers block" means? thank you.

    • Hi Tom, this was written a long time ago for me. It's nice to know that it's still having an impact even after so long. 

      At that time I had to write several essays to apply for my dream school (which I am now attending :D), not to mention regular school on top of that. Writers block, as you may know, is an inability to write (usually for big assignments or passages). It's when your mind gets all stopped up and the words just won't come. Or they do but you just don't like it. It's something really simple but can have a big negative impact, especially as a student. 

      By "pulling out of writer's block" I meant that I was getting over this negative phase in my life, and was finally able to write freely again. 

      I assume that the writer's block came from the pressure of applying to such a prestigious school. The nervous energy got stopped up inside me and caused me to not produce my best work. Another thing that really helped me later on was "tapping". It's basically like acupuncture but with out the needles :P It's not something that I still practice just because I haven't really known how to apply it to my new lifesyle/ stopped doing research on it, but it's definitely helpful and I suggest it to anyone who feels like they have an energy blockage of any kind. There's programs you can buy but honestly theres a whole bunch of videos all over youtube that can help too. However don't be one of those people that just jump into the next self-help thing they hear.  Do some research. Find out the science behind it. Figure out why it works and how to make it work best for you. Best of luck on you endeavors, :)


  • Gary,

    Thank you so much for your reply. First I want to say how sad I am to hear of your painful childhood with the abuse. I, too, was abused as a child and I believe that I got my negative thinking from that and it just grew from there. Again, thank you for sharing that part of your life with me; it really touched me. I will take a look at the website you gave me. I am so tired of suffering and struggling too.


    I also wish you the very best.



    • Pam,


      I am not surprised to hear that you have a similar background to me. I have been on a two year journey of self-discovery and have tried many, many methods of overcoming the damage done when I was little. Another really good discovery is ‘The Sedona Method’ If you have not heard of it then ask Mr Google.


      As I said I have been on a long journey to happiness. I have loads of ideas, techniques and most importantly experiences. If you contact me via my email which is gary (at) gjm68.co.uk I will be more than happy to share my experiences with you.

      I will leave it up to you as to whether you contact me but take my thoughts and best wishes. We have to remember we can be happy. It is just a case of finding how. If I can help I will.


  • Pam,


    I am having similar problems as you except my source of negative thinking come from abuse that occurred
    during childhood. It is really disrupting my Law of Attraction work. I have tried several methods to turn natural occurring negativity into the positivity required to achieve desires. The best method I have found and the one that I am currently developing is self-forgiveness. I can be very hard on myself which I believe is the cause of the depression based negativity. Take a look at the following website:


    It may help and I wish you all the best for the future.


  • Hey pam,


    Ok so I originally wrote a post about how I was out of work for 2 years and started listening to kelly howells attract wealth (headphones) audio tapes atleast do this 3 times a day especially as you fall asleep and leave em on.

    I created a vision board and noticed that I did get the monthly amount I had asked for, eventhough I am not working at the same field I have found something that is less stressful and gives me time to do the things I want and need to be doing, like going back to school.  So even though it isnt as much as before its totally welcomed.


    Also if your strapped for cash I have heard people downloading these audios off of torrents but its really not that much 9.99 if you have a computer and order the mp3 option.  But just remember that if you do when you get a job please support this artist because her stuff really helped me get over a rough patch.


    Also I have noticed that while I was listening to this on a daily basis that my outlook and general mood went from ok to wonderful.  What i mean by that is that I was able to concentrate longer, think it seems more critically about situations, and also attracted people into my life that are wealthy and were willing to network.


    If you have a way of recording a scene from your life as you want it please do so, and before you fall asleep and before you listen to the mp3 imagine it happening like a movie playing.  Something about hearing your own voice just helps, I know it helped me.  Helps you visualize and make it that more vivid.


    Hope that helps, send me a note if you need anymore help.  I've been there and I want you to know it gets better, just keep the faith!


  • Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts, suggestions and advice. I really do appreciate it. It is so hard when I am upbeat, positive, feeling good and notice that my bank account is dwindling and NOTHING is coming in that I get SO down. I get SO scared.

    Thank you again, everyone who replied; it means so much.

    • hey Pam ... From my own personal experience with what you are speaking about, my bit of advice is to have a look at what you entitled this thread ... "why am I still stuck?" ... if you look at the LOA from the teachings of abraham-hicks you are stuck because you are telling yourself that you are still stuck .. what I learned from abraham is that it is not just enough to be putting all the good vibes and thoughts out there when I was sabotaging all my good positive stuff with my same old negative thoughts..."I don't have enough " etc etc ... I was always beating the drum of having no money and that is what the universe delivered ...

      it is waaaay too easy to get the LOA to deliver the bad stuff in our lives because we don't have to try to put an emotional charge to that ... we know we don't have money ... we know that we don't have someone to love us ... when we focus on those things it is easy to believe that they will come to us because we can see plenty of examples of those things in our lives ...

      I am lucky in that I live by myself and I can work on these issues without having to fit in around anyone else ... so i only have my negative attitudes to deal with( and not someone elses ) ... how I changed my thoughts was made easy by the fact that the car trip to and from work totaled just under 2 hrs per day ... from the time I got in the car I was either listening to abraham cds or I would be speaking aloud what I wanted in my life ... With me that is pretty simple ... like most people it is money so I laid it out to what i wanted as far as my property and business etc ... but I think the most important thing in this process was what i did regarding the negative thoughts ... as soon as the negative thought came into my mind I stopped it in its' tracks and sent it back to the universe because it was a thought that I didn't want in my life ..." don't want that thanks very much because what I am attracting in to my life is ... whatever whatever " ... turn the negative into a positive immediately ... and soon you will be down to only a couple of negative thought a day

      after about 3 weeks of doing this there was a change within my being ... something changed and I think that it was the relief that abraham speaks about ... for no particular reason I didn't need to speak out loud what I wanted to attract ... I felt that that part was over ...mentally I had come into accept what I was asking for

      another important request that I always put out to the universe is to ask for all the divine connections and cooperative components ( as abraham says) that are necessary for me to achieve my divine plan, to come into my life now ... this is really important to me ... and it works ...

      Something else that I have picked up on, and is another important point, is to be very careful with the language used ... I think to use LOA to its full effect it is not even good enough to just want something because that is still from an attitude of not having it ... so after telling the universe what you want you should probably be adding something like " I AM that which I want to be ( or desire) " ... this puts all your requests into the vibrational rate of the request already being fulfilled ... you have to " act as if " ...

      I am doing Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing at the moment and the language used is important ... for LOA to work you have to believe that money is coming into your account, like you believe that your home will be there when you turn the corner into your street ... and that is easier said than done I know but that is what you have to believe ...

      something else I learned from Remote Influencing is that it is extremely difficult to manifest from the Beta state of awareness ( Beta = waking state, Alpha = day dreaming state, watching TV etc, Theta = meditative state, and Delta= sleeping state) ... to make significant changes within ourselves we are beating our heads against a brick wall when we try to so from the normal waking state ... when we try to do this from the Theta state it is easier because we are able to reprogram our subconscious minds ,,, Remote Influencing uses the Delta state for manifesting what we want ...

      search "Quantum Consciousness" on youtube ... also "What The Bleep... Down the Rabbit hole" ... it may help to see what quantum physics is saying about the unified field and where reality comes from and how important belief is and the role of our thoughts are in all this

      from my perspective there is more to LOA than just positive attitudes and feeling good ( as important as they are) ... you have to be able to put a lid on all the negative thoughts ...

      I think that we should all try to ask for more help from our higher selves too ... I think that when we speak about the universe providing something for us it is really only our higher self throwing something our way to either get us out of a tricky situation or to keep us going until we can work out how to do this properly ... if you start noticing how often you only just have enough to get by, and how lucky that that $100 landed in my account you may notice that there is something out there that is watching over us...

      as far as the job searching goes my last 3 jobs have been through my "divine connections" ... one of my early attempts at manifesting a job showed my that i got exactly what I asked for ... i was asking the universe for "nursery work" ... after about 2 weeks I was looking thru the Jobs ads and saw an ad that was titled "Nursery Work" ... at first I thought " what a stupid thing to put in the ad", because jobs in nurseries were usually Horticulturist Position or Nursery Hand, I had never seen "nursery work" advertised... it wasn't until after I got the job that I realized that my higher self had given exactly what i had asked for ...

      hope that my rantings are of some help ... the lack of money is a difficult one to come to terms with, because when you don't have much it is reeeeally easy to attract more of having less of it !! ... and you are not just creating or manifesting money in your life, you are creating or manifesting YOU with money , or YOU with a new job ...

      Trust and have faith Pam ... remember that a belief is only a thought that you keep thinking, so keep thinking good thoughts

    • Greg,

      How very wonderful of you to answer me in such a beautiful way. Yes, I am still struggling and can't seem to get out of my own way. I am afraid of losing everything I have and to focus on the positive is much more than difficult. I KNOW I have to find a way and so far have not been able to. I am a survivor though and I have to find a way to dig really deep and pull myself up. It is a minute by minute job to do that. Again, thank you very much for your advice and kind words.

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