Using Intuition, Angels and Meditation combined with EFT to great success, to help heal and transform lives. A place where even the Healer comes to get Healed, it's always harder to heal yourself. We will be doing video sessions.
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familiarize yourself with tapping points

When you are asked to tap, you can use most of your fingers I use three, that way my clients are more sure, to be hitting the right spot. Then tap a few times on each spot about (5 to 7 times).

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Please post what you want to talk about or need help with, lets have some fun and get well at the same time! Any issue's you want help it. Also I'll be doing a video on how to handle the increasing frequencies that bring about ache's and pains are bodies are feeling from this.


I call upon Archangel Raphael to watch over and help give power to help heal all those that Participate in a collective Healing of Each Other! And SO It IS! Thank YOU!

Mini Meditation for you to do if you care to take my path with this

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Please Watch Intro video first and then this is your first session. I did this one as a session that can be used with any issue, and pain and problem. (so you don't have to wait for a specific video you can start NOW!) Just tune into what your problem is, writing it down is very powerful, rate your level of intensity scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest. When repeating what I say if your pain is lets say in your right hip then say right hip.

Find more videos like this on Advanced EFT Healing Begins NOW!

Healthy Blood: Helps to oxygenate your blood, almost as if you where exercising

Find more videos like this on Advanced EFT Healing Begins NOW!

Raising Your Vibrations: Using EFT to raise your Vibration

Find more videos like this on Advanced EFT Healing Begins NOW!

For a more in depth FREE workshop I have created a healing site just for you. If you care to join click here:


Find more videos like this on Advanced EFT Healing Begins NOW!


Find more videos like this on Advanced EFT Healing Begins NOW!


Wow, 2009 is pretty much here. So what’s in store for 2009? I have had many changes in my life during 2008. My stumbles are less, my low vibration never lasts more then a few minutes. I am being almost forced it seems to learn to be an observer and not a participant, not always easy as I now have a man in my life that is way to much into the physical world. He seems to want to drag me with him. But maybe he has a purpose as he just could be giving me balance, as I would prefer to just meditate and do my EFT work.

As we propel closer to 2012 we will be experiencing more and more of the upheaval and then the calm. Our bodies are in need of more and more rest as we experience many of earths frequency changes. We will feel many emotions and our past garbage will surface weather you want it to or not. This is your chance to take care of these emotions, use your EFT to take out the negative, we are doing right now what the earth is doing, she is busy taking out the negative. You have a very powerful tool in your possession right now, that can help you with most any situation. Are you feeling stress Tap on it. Are you feeling depressed tap on it? Is your body experiencing more pain? Tap on it. Are you all of a sudden remembering things you wanted to forget? TAP ON IT! Your emotions will at times sky rocket and you will find yourself crying sometimes for what seems like nothing, Tap on it. Even if you don’t know the source just sit or stand there and start tapping on all your meridian spots while you are in this emotion and you will feel a releasing of this emotion. This is the best thing you can do right now and in the coming days and months ahead. Just make it a ritual to tap, you need not always be in a session. Feeling blue just tap! Feeling sad just Tap! If something big comes up then take that event that came up and go to the Any Issue Session and work on it.

These ever increasing frequencies well effect everyone so please stay in your own knowing and extend help when you can as these new frequencies can make some have violent reactions. The veil between worlds is thinner and you can hear and see things you never have done before, this can make someone who is not a light worker think they are going crazy. Offer your hand, offer information, just knowing that it is normal for this time and age we are so gloriously in to experience these things. Remember to tap even if something is happening that brings you confusion.

I equate part of what is happening as climbing a steep mountain, we still have much ground to cover but getting to the top is a beautiful goal and the journey can be hard or easy it really is our choice.

It is my heartfelt wish and intention that each and everyone of you have an exciting journey this year, bringing you abundance, health and a new found peace that you have never experienced before.

I Love this Life
I Love this Earth time
I Love my Work
I Love You!

PS: I’d like to share what I conceder a very enlightening website where you can hear speakers form all over the world that are very in the knowing of what is going on. Free to join and listen to many interviews. This is by far the best site I have ever found.



Releasing Swine Flu Fear & Boosting Your Immune System

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  • Also one more question.. to resolve an issue is it necessary to completely get rid of the issue in one go or i can do it over a period. Because at times while i am in the process i feel the issue has come down to zero but there are times when i still go back to that particular emotion. How do i know i have completely got over that emotion or issue?

  • Hello Marlene, i have two questions:

    1) if i have been using ETF for a number of days to resolve an issue..can i use it for another issue as well during those days? What is more effective?

    2) can i use ETF anytime anywhere throughout the day? when i am out or just taking a short break from work, basically whenever i get time.

  • Thanks Jason.. I thought I was never going to get a reply on this !! I need to go back to doing this again, thanks for the reply.
  • Anna,

    There really is no time frame on how long you tap. The goal is to keep tapping until all resistant thoughts and feelings are gone. That might take 5 minutes or 2 hours, depending on the person and the number of limiting beliefs they have.

  • How often do you need to do this ? Is it like ten mins a day until you feel you don't need to do it anymore ?

    I have started to do this to erase any doubts or disbelief I have in me for an intention/goal.  Is there any sort of time frame on this ?

  • hi FRIENDS....
     do u know any thing about hypnosis ... can it be learned... if yes do have any idea how?????
  • I did not get a clearance from Gary I will not be able to copy any of his video's. Sorry
  • I signed up for Abraham workshop March 27 in Orlando. Anyone else here going?
  • I am waiting for clearance from Gary Craig first
  • That is WONDERFUL News!!! Can we sign up to be notified when you have them available?
This reply was deleted.

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