I have started a new site JUST for YOU (Free)

Hello all my wonderful Tappers,I have built a site just for healing (free). My aim is to have everything more organized and easy for you to speed up your healing the whole body process. Although the Groups will remain, they are going to be paired down to be simplified.I Have so many groups sites going has been taking up a lot of time, just getting from one to the other daily to see if anyone wants help.I hope you will join this NEW site and continue your journey in healing and empowering your true divine self. I will continue to add more content for you.Please be sure to add me as your friend when you get there, no video will work for you otherwise.It is with love in my heart for you that I present to you http://advancedefthealing.ning.com/See you there!I Love YouMarlene Marion

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  • unfotunatelly site doesnt working :(

  • We are growing in numbers and power, I hope to see all that are ready to work on themselves. You are so much loved!
  • Door have been open for three weeks now, how you come join me.
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