EFT Script for computer problems

PhotobucketI am hearing many people having problems with their computer, part of this could be from the influx of energies that earth and us are being bombarded with. But we can surrogate tap for them. REMEMBER EVERYTHING IS ENERGY.So I have made up a script for those that don't know what to say when doing surrogate tapping for their computers.As for what to say when tapping for something like your computer, just imagine you are your computer and what the many things that is possible to go wrong with data, software, power surges and unstable internet connection.Karatechop (state out loud I am my computer)Even though I seem to be having a hard time going online and working at my best speed and efficiency, I completely love forgive and accept myself and I am a good computer.Even though my data may be getting mixed up and my software programs maybe in need of reorganizing, I completely love forgive and accept myself and I am a good computer.Even though I know (your name) depends on me and I feel like I am letting her/him down, and she/he says words that make me feel worst, I completely love forgive and accept myself and I am a good computer.Meridian points:I am all mixed upI am confusedMy processing is slowMy connection to internet is unstableMy energy is lowSomething is wrong with me I am not sure what it isI am letting (your name) down(your name) is mad at meI feel confusedDeep BreathMeridian pointsI release and let go of worryI release and let go of confusionI release and let go of being unstableI release and let go of this energy blockI release and let go of feeling unworthyI release and let go of having something wrong with meI release and let go of negativity coming towards meI release and let go of this sluggishnessI release and let go of all things that are keeping me from preforming at my bestDeep BreathMeridian pointsI am working perfectlyI am LovedI am worthwhileI am thinking/precessing correctlyI am preforming just like I did when I was newI am positiveI am lovedI am perfect energyI am your thoughtsI am a good computerNext do some imprinting on your computer.Write words like this on your computer tower;I Love YouThank YouI appreciate youor you can also do Ho'oponoponoI Love youThank youPlease forgive meI'm sorryThis does work so give it a try and don't be shy add some of your own words and remember persistence always pays off.With love in my heart it is my uppermost intention that all computers work perfectly.HugsMarlene Marion

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  • Hi dear karylee,

    Yes we affect what is around us by virtue of our own thoughts. Everything needs love...I have eben went so far as to write I love you and appreciate you on my computer. ;-)
    Much Love
  • HI, I've been mildly irritate with my computer lately, knowing that I ought to get some things onto thumbdrives or other devices. When I saw this, it seemed worth trying. While I haven't checked how my computer is actually working right now, I thought about how I seem to regularly be electrically reversed when I get into my car. Invariably it doesn't start under those conditions. After I spend a minute or two relaxing and reminding myself that I can handle anything I need to do that day, my car will start.

    I think I've been having some of the same effect on my computer lately. I did feel that I resolved a few things in myself when I did this as if I were the computer. Thanks, Karylee
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