I AM Tapping Session

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I AM Part 2

Want to continue with some more of I AM?
Here is a few more and just add some of your own:
I am You
I am Me
I am the World
I am Divine
I am Healthy
I AM Joy
I AM seeing all with a since of wonder and magic
I am Younger each day
I am Lean and Trim
I am clear, smooth and elastic skin
I am all systems in my body, in health
I am a strong bone system
I am with clear vision
I am with open third eye
I am seeing with love
I am with a compassionate heart
I am moving forward in life with ease
I am without pain
I am loving
I am Lovable
I am loved
I am a good friend
I am having good friends
I am successful
I am wealthy as wealthy is divine
I AM a body of Light
I AM a temple for God
I am YOU!

Same Video but uploaded to Youtube. So if the ning one does not work, try this one.


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