New Film about EFT

Hey Guys,I'm writing to let you know about a recently released documentary about EFT that I think you're going to be interested in. If you've experienced EFT for yourself, you know that it works dramatically. Those of us who have used it for years know its power to change our lives and the lives of those we care about in some many profound ways.But the question has always been: How do we get this incredible technique into the mainstream?I think we now have one of the answers to that. "Try It On Everything" is a moving documentary DVD, that follows 10 people as they use EFT for four days on a variety of issues. I won't give away the results, but can assure you that you are going to be impressed.The movie features notables in a variety of fields, such as Jack Canfield (The Secret) Bruce Lipton (Best-Selling Author), Dr. Joe Mercola (Founder of the most popular natural health website on the internet), Carol Look (EFT Master) , Dr. Patricia Carrington (EFT Master), Bob Proctor (The Secret), Joe Vitale (The Secret), Cheryl Richardson (Best-Selling Author, Hay House) and more.I recommend it highly, both for your own viewing and perhaps more importantly, to share this information with friends and family who might need it most.You can purchase the film here: www.tryitoneverything.comOne last thought- for every copy of the movie you buy, the creators of the movie donate one copy to a needy organization! So your purchase can help affect some serious change!

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