Hi guys, 

I'm considering getting an ad on PI, but it looks like I could only afford a week right now, I think that's $63 USD is that about right? (which is fine)  (I'm thinking of putting an ad up within the next three weeks to a month - need to get a domain name first for my site (easy done) I think. 

Hey, guys if this DOES help and I get some more clients from it, etc. then of course some of the money would go back into an ad for longer here!

Main question is, I am in the UK so I am a bit curious about whether this would still work OK?

I have paypal and or could do an international transfer or something, surely.

If it won't work at this stage, that's OK, it means it's not meant to be right now for me.

Otherwise, I might be visiting the states again this year at some stage (prob New York) 

It's for my coaching (I'm pretty good at it :-) I'm ethical, have a diploma in coaching and I treat my clients very well!  And I'd like to manifest MORE of them and thought this might be a way to do that.  Especially as I'd love more clients into LOA as then of course I can use some LOA techniques too!

This may be relevant - or not - but I can Skype coach too, so it IS something I can do internationally at least to a point!  (With that and paypal, plus if - no WHEN! - I get more clients I will get e-commerce facilities put on straight from my website to make it more internationally-friendly!) 

I could probably get a calling card and call Wayne or otherwise, if any of you are on Skype? I am (no webcam at the moment but you will be able to hear me.)

Anyway, it's nice you offer this opportunity, and a lovely way I think to fund the PI site! 

So, please let me know if I might be eligible to advertise here.

And a weird question for you - as Kim and Wayne are advertising here - good on them and I think they are both so wonderful - would either of them mind me having an ad for my coaching up for one week here too? 

Thanks in advance and keep up the wonderful work! 

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  • Marcy, you are so helpful as always. 

    I messaged you too, that I will give it a week and if I don't hear from him this time next week, I will message you to let you know.  Thank you, angel!  And may you get to do lots of surfing the waves of Maui & surfing the waves of wellbeing and every good thing! 

  • Just message him on PI, if he does not answer for some reason let me know, but he's pretty good at responding quickly!

  • Thanks, Marcy, I'm still trying to get hold of him.  I will try again, because there is no place in the world that I would rather advertise my business than Powerful Intentions! 

  • Hi Athena,

    Paypal is just fine and what we use anyway.

    Of course you are eligible to advertise here, you are a long time and  valued member and well known as a great contributor here at PI!

    Just contact Wayne, you can message him here at PI ( use PI messaging )



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