Affirmations as you drift off to sleep

Some of you probably already do this, it's something I'm experimenting with & I thinkIt is working or at least starting to,Just mentally saying an affirmation of what I want as I'm drifting off to sleep.That's it bit also repeating it a few times. Because our minds can be more receptive then.I also know that one of PI's members can record affirmations for you to listen to as you drift off to sleep & put background music to it & coach you to get the best affirmations but I'll let him speak of this himself here if he wants to.By the way:Merry ChristmasAnd Happy, Prosperous, Powerful and Positive New Year!

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  • Thank you Sir Neil of Football Statistics, that's really helpful! I love what you said about taking the I am or I have out that makes a lot of sense!  

    And thanks for sharing your experience!  

    By the way, everyone, 

    I will make sure this summer I add more affirmations to this group and any tips I come across during this time.

    And feel free to add any yourself too!  

  • Wayne Dyer (I think) talks about taking the " I am " or " I have " out of affirmations, and just affirming a particular concept or thing you would like to have. Thes reason for this is that it removes the doubts which an I am or I have affirmation may bring up. You are just focusing your mind on something like " great success, " " wonderful health, " " joyful happiness, " and the mind can't contradict it with " no you're not, no you don't, " it just works with what you are giving it.

    As for saying things before sleep, it works because when you are feeling sleepy, the interfering conscious mind is at its most immobilised so the thoughts are then free to sink into the subconscious mind and be turned into reality. I did this with some forgiveness affirmations a few weeks ago and they really sunk in; the following day was very good.
  • Wow, Chelsea, I LOVE that!

    I've said that I love that affirmation Fred Knight shared by Wayne Dyer:

    I AM money, I can't help but make money.

    A girl I hung out with last week said "I am money and money is me"  I kinda like that too.  

  • By the way, if you're interested, someone pointed out to me (Goddess Precious Ruby I think) Joseph Murphy? Wrote a book called The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind it does talk about affirmations as you go to sleep but I warn you it talks about prayer & the Bible may not suit everyone!
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