I have seen this on PI I think Giovani and some other members discuss it but I've forgotten where & also Jo was talking with me about this so thank you!

Using Theta waves with affirmations.

Maybe it will not be everyone's bag but basically the theory is that when we are in an Alpha state (this is normal, it's like when we are closer to sleep, when we zone out a bit) or Theta (even deeper) we can be more receptive to affirmations.

So I've been listening to some Theta vids on youtube & also very recently I've been exploring playing some Theta waves on youtube while also listening to affirmations.  I feel like I AM more receptive & DO get a bit of a boost, like I feel it more but your mileage may vary, just something to explore if you are interested.

They don't SOUND like anything much heck some Theta sounds like a very quiet helicopter! but some people say it can give affirmations a manifesting boost! I will share some Theta vid links if anyone wants. 

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  • MAN I LOVE that bubble! Yes I remember reading this cool blog post
  • Hi!

    Guess what?

    I found the discussion you mention, above! It was in my blog & follows PS. :O)

    Sunshine & Blessings,



    There's something about classic hypnosis that has always attracted me, certain things the tradition just plain tended to get right--certain clues about accessing deep inner resources.

    Neuro Linguistic Programming helps weed out distractions from these clues, and brainwave research helped point me in what I believe is the right direction, and has led me to an interesting conclusion. Hypnosis is simply encouraging the generation of Theta brainwaves. These are the brainwaves associated with dreaming, telepathy, and being "in a zone" or "flow." So, hypnosis is encouraging people to get in a zone of intuitively elegant performance.

    Sounds pretty much like what Abraham-Hicks calls "getting into THE VORTEX" (the dimensional space where the Law of Attraction assembles all cooperative components of one's desire).

    Well, I've noticed that certain things tend to create that Theta brainwave generating mind state.

    -Bringing up the mind state does it. You can talk about being in the zone. But, another way of going about it is to talk about states of high suggestability. It's the same thing, but is free of any intimidating performance expectations. For example, you can bring up the phenomenon of contageous yawning. Or, you can talk about emerging possibility--for example, how no one could run a four minute mile, once upon a time, and after one person succeeded others found it possible.

    -Compelling storytelling has brought many to this state. In fact, the words "Once upon a time..." spoken with even a little sensitivity are all it takes to induce a trance. 

    Rod Serling's TWILIGHT ZONE opens with a thirty second induction along the lines of "You've just entered another dimension. A dimension of time. A dimension of space. A dimension of mind. You slow down. There's a signpost up ahead. Your next stop: THE TWILIGHT ZONE."

    Why shouldn't a meeting--even of just two people--begin thusly: "Don't say I didn't warn you, but--the strange building on your left--once you round that corner, you're on my side of town. And we do things a little differently." And, no, there needn't be any building for this to work.

    -Bringing up infinity or any mind-boggling concept generates Theta brain waves. 


    Is it any wonder the late Carl Sagan created such awe with his constant mention of the "billions and billions of galaxies?" Just pointing out how something is strange or bizarre works, just as well. Or, just something that's amazingly cute or otherwise fascinating. :O)

    Of course, there's then the "so what factor" to deal with.

    What's the point of bringing someone to such a state? What do you do after a successful contageous yawn induction, for example?

    Well, you first of all remember that hypnosis's purpose is to help us access inner resources. The word hypnosis is useful in that it offers a therapeutic model, as do words like NLP practitioner or human dynamics fascilitator. I bring this up, because all sorts of people perform such inductions, daily--comedians certainly do.

    But, in hypnosis, the intention is to create a safe space for people to tap particular inner resources that seem tricky to connect with, given present roles. So a certain flexibility and practical focus finds its way into the idea of hypnosis, and I've always liked that.

    So, once you've encouraged someone (even yourself) to generate more Theta brainwaves, it's then time to offer direction. The important thing's to strike while the iron's hot. A little mental preparation's nice, but it should be kept minimal.

    Just saying, "The human mind's pretty awesome, isn't it? In fact, its awesomeness is why, under the right circumstances, it's actually very easy to tap into all sorts of abilities with hardly a second thought. You could have had a habit that didn't work for you for however long, and--with no more effort than it took to allow yourself to yawn when someone else was yawning--you're doing something absolutely different. Sometimes, it's really that easy. Your mind may find itself going over that over and over again, because it's so strange when you consider it. But, it's the truth, anyway."

    And keeping things vague or abstract (as above) can do wonders, because it gives the rational mind nothing to sink its teeth into. Such things are plausible since they're not being applied to anything specific. Abraham-Hicks, of course, suggests the same thing, saying that getting too specific sometimes reminds people of their doubts about their likeliness to accomplish a goal.

    Thing is, when firing off Theta brainwaves (when "in The Vortex?"), a general affirmation can be a very powerful thing.

    So, you've now got a few ideas about how to achieve an hypnotic trance--or, in Abe parlance, how to easily get into The Vortex. :D

    Sunshine & Blessings,

  • Hi!

    Thanks for your description of the Theta frequency as "a very quiet helicopter." :O)

    How wonderfully accurate, and it doesn't seem to be anything that anyone has ever said before. So, what a great contribution you've just made to harnessing the powers of Theta! :D

    As for videos, while entraining to a de facto metronome should work, the point is simply to encourage one's brain to release more Theta brainwaves. And one thing that does that quickly is the old Twilight Zone introduction.

    Sunshine & Blessings,

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