I have asked permission. 

"I release the fear and allow love in"  - Sir Neil

"I can have any man (or woman, depending what you want) I want" - Flowerpatch

"My dream man (or woman) is everywhere" - Sonu (he linked to a dating coach who suggested this, when I find the link I will update this post by adding it.

"My life is fun and easy" - Sir Neil

Sir Neil's post on become a hottie (guys or girls both can use this) and a John Kehoe technique for repeating affirmations so they stick:


"I am gorgeous and I truly love myself"  Sir Neil and I have BOTH had more attention from the opposite sex with this one :-)  But also, I find it just feels really nice to say it. 

"As you said in a more recent post Emma, it's allowing made easy.
Affirm: I ALLOW ____________________ and then fill in the blank accordingly.

You affirm that you allow, and the Universe says; " yes, you do. Here it is. ""

(Sir Neil reply to PI member Emma.)  (I just think he comes up with such awesome affirmations) 

More to follow. 

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