I thought that Princess 7 has quite an interesting and possibly effective affirmations technique for when people want to manifest something but when you affirm it, it sounds so out of reach and feels like too much of a jump.  I asked her if I could share it in my groups and so with her permission here it is.  Some are very general (the daily ones, and they are cool too, for setting up positive expectation for the day) some are specific but I think you’ll get the concept and can modify them, if you wish.


Moving Up The Vibrational Scale Affirmations:


With this, all you do is you think OK where am I on Abraham Hicks’ Vibrational Scale.  Here’s an image that shows the progression:

And then you affirm that you feel NOT all the way up to appreciation and feeling wonderful because that might feel like too much of a jump to believe JUST yet.  You simply affirm that you feel the next feeling up on the vibrational scale.  For example, if you are feeling X, you affirm:

I am feeling Y.  Because that’s the next step up higher TOWARDS that highest point emotionally.  Not sure what you think of this, something to play with.


OK for example, Princess7 said “Content is my next step on the emotional ladder.  Right above being bored.  And hopeful is the one above that.”  And she wrote these affirmations: “I am content.  I choose to feel content.  I am hopeful, I choose to feel hopeful.” Rather than, for example, affirming believing and knowing straight away, which are the emotions at the top of the emotional ladder.

She said: “So they should be easier to absorb and believe, because they are right one step above.  And when I get to them [to the feeling place of contentment, and then later to hopefulness], I will use ‘I am optimistic’ and such.”

Rather than trying to make emotional – what Abraham Hicks calls “Quantum Leaps.” 


Better than yesterday Affirmations:


With these you are simply affirming you are more X than yesterday (I will give Princess 7’s examples and this will make sense!) Princess 7 has used beauty examples, but you could also affirm “Today I am richer than yesterday.”  (For example.)  Or even a little richer.  Something that seems believeable, IF you are having trouble believing that you are lots richer, start with a little richer than yesterday and you in time work your way up.  Theory being your conscious mind says Yeah OK that COULD happen.  Obviously you could also manifest being a LOT richer, but sometimes, like they say in The Secret movie, sometimes it’s easier to start with intending little things and work your way up. 


 I also want to now add her other incremental affirmations:

“I am good enough.”

“I bounce back easily to a happier state.  I easily bounce back to a happier state.”

“Every time I wake up my vibration has doubled.”

“Every morning I wake up my vibration is 5% higher than the day before.”

“Today something great might happen”

(It’s very positive but it’s also what Abe Hicks calls “Going general” – SOMETIMES there is resistance to being specific, this is a general one, you’re not saying what the great thing is, you’re leaving it open.  SOMETIMES might or could can help if you have resistance to will or is.)

“Today something amazing might happen.”

“I start this day being grounded.”

“Today I choose to be happy.”

“I let go and live my life.  I go with the flow.”

“Today I choose to be kind.”

“Every morning I wake up I have forgiven another person or situation.”

“I am open to good signs.”

“I am open to good situations.”

“I am open to good people.”

“I am good enough.”

“I let go of worry.”


Then she had some beauty incremental affirmations but this could be tweaked for anything:


“Today I feel prettier than yesterday” (could also be today I feel richer than yesterday or healthier or whatever you want! Plus, notice the emphasis is on the feeling place.)

“Tomorrow I feel prettier than today.”

“Today I noticed something about me that I adore.”

“Today I look acceptable.”  (This might be a great one if you think you had an ugly day the day before and affirming you are beautiful or handsome seems too hard to believe) “Today my skin looks acceptable.” “Today my hair looks acceptable.” “Right now I look decent. Today I look decent.  My hair looks decent.  My skin looks decent.  My teeth look decent.  Today I am presentable.  

I choose to feel more and more beautiful every day.”

“I am taking steps to feel more beautiful”


“I am good enough.”

“Today something good might happen.”


“I am taking the steps to having a great job”

“Every morning I wake up my vibration is 5% more positive.”


Then there are some gratitude appreciation ones or they could also be thanking in advance ones:


“Thank you for all the good things in my life.”

“Thank you for all the nice people in my life”

“Thank you for all the things about myself that I adore.”


















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