• I AM thankful to be guided, protected and directed by Source.

  • "I Am Entering Into The Most Magical Time Of My Life."

  • Your story is about to change.

    Your story is about to change so epically, it's going to make your heart and head spin. All the time and effort you put into mastering yourself is about to satisfyingly pay off. The way your journey has been set up is a pure work of art; this next breakthrough is going to confirm that. Every ounce of magic in you is about to triple in size. Take a second to enjoy the present moment; it won't be this way for much longer. You're approaching the final steps of the tunnel, but you're slowly realizing that the light you were chasing at the end of it always stemmed from within you. Be at peace. The next chapter is going to leave a permanent smile on your face and a lifetime of joy in your soul.


  • If you are interested here are 2 videos with some powerful affirmations:

    "Positive Affirmations To Improve Your Mindset | Mindset Affirmations | Law Of Attraction | Manifest" by 'Mind Body Soul',

    "Affirmations For Positive Thinking | Release Negative Thoughts | Positive Affirmations | Manifest" by 'Mind Body Soul' 

  • Those are great.

    Also I've heard this before & I quite like it:

    I deserve expect and receive the best

  • I am so happy and grateful and appreciative for everything life has to offer even the stuff I get that I don't want. every thing is a lesson and helps me to choose. this is mothers day weekend and my birthday too. I received calls from my family and visits from my grand kids which proves to me that love is everything. love creates joy in my heart. through this kind of love I am able to attract for myself as well as my family. I affirm that love brings about the best of the best in all our lives   

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