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  • I must say- I read the book because I saw the first webcast on Oprah. I was hooked. I am so grateful that this was sent to me from the Universe. I learned so much!
  • it's a broken link to the video at the top :(
  • I've benefitted hugely from eading the work of Eckhart Toller. I bought 'the Power of Now' for my friend's 60th birthday only to have her teenage daughter slip it into her bag and take it back to college with her.
    The right thing always finds the right person at the right time.
    Eckhart's book 'A New Earth' really began a shift in my awareness towards putting my attention on discovering my life's
    For this I am grateful, because at the time of reading the book I only had a vague longing to contribute something to the world. It was the same feeling that has been with me for as long as I can remember.
    Questioning what my purpose is, was disempowered by confusing the 'what' with the 'how?'.
    How could I possibly do the thing I felt to be my purpose without any clue to how it could be possible for me?
    I think that this is a place a lot of us get stuck in.
    You are aware from watching 'the Secret' that the hows are the responsibility of the universe, and we only need know what we want and to ask.
    Still you may be having difficulty in keeping your focus on what you want, believing it to be yours, grateful for it even before you have it in the physical plane.
    Understanding the exact Laws of the Universe helps you to keep your faith in the manifestation process. You are a creative being. You have the talents and abilities within you to fullfill your life's purpose.
    By studying the Laws under which the universe operates you can move into an understanding that empowers you to live the life for which you were born.
    I simply want to share with you how I am now doing that. I'm studying with Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Michael Beckwith from 'The Secret'.
    They have developed a home study course that is transforming my thinking and consequently my life. It is based on the teachings in the Little Green Book that inspired Rhonda Byrne to make her movie.
    I want to share this course with everybody because I know that if you study the information contained in it the same thing that is happening to me will happen for you.
    You can get 7 free lessons by clicking on the link below.
    If you have any questions just send me a message.


    Best Wishes
  • Free online course offered by Bill Harris from Centerpointe regarding Eckhart Tolle's The Power Of Now:

    I'd like to invite you to experience, as my gift to you, a
    FREE online course I've created…Mastering Eckhart
    Tolle's The Power of Now.

    So many people have told me that they loved Eckhart
    Tolle's books (The Power of Now and A New Earth)
    and his online presentations with Oprah, but have had
    trouble actually PRACTICING (and in some cases,
    understanding) what Tolle talks about.

    To solve that problem, I decided to get together several
    of the most amazing awakened teachers I know to help
    you understand what Tolle is talking about and help you
    begin practicing and embodying what he is teaching,
    right now.

    In this FREE course (which you can share with as many
    people as you want), six world-famous spiritual teachers
    and I will discuss what you can do right now to experience
    the spiritual awakening described by Eckhart Tolle in The
    Power of Now, A New Earth, and his online lessons with

    I've chosen teachers who I know embody the awareness
    Tolle is talking about, and who are masters at teaching it:

    Zen master Genpo Roshi, creator of the Big Mind
    process, a method for quickly experiencing profound
    transcendent states of awareness (what Tolle calls
    Presence) usually taking decades to master…

    Ken Wilber, world-famous philosopher, author,
    spiritual teacher, and founder of Integral Institute,
    Integral Life, and the Integral Spiritual Center…

    Renowned spiritual teacher and meditation master,
    Diane Hamilton…

    Enlightenment teachers, authors, and workshop leaders,
    Saniel Bonder and Linda Groves-Bonder…

    Sally Kempton, Yoga Journal columnist and one
    of today’s most insightful and experienced teachers
    of meditation and spiritual growth…

    And me!
    Among the many things you’ll learn from these amazing teachers:
    The transformational power of the Now and
    how you can experience it…

    Gettting out of your mind and into the Now…

    What Eckhart Tolle calls Presence, and how
    to access it…

    Using your body to enter the Now…

    The source of suffering and emotional pain,
    and how to end it…

    Transforming fear into peace…

    Why Time is an illusion, and how it keeps
    you from the Now…

    How you can step out of the world of Problems….

    How to free yourself from unhappiness…

    The power of Now and relationships…

    Finding your purpose…

    Plus, keys to awakening Eckhart Tolle didn’t

    And much more.
    You’ll enjoy six weekly 60 to 90 minute audio lessons,
    one each week for six weeks. Each lesson is an unedited
    and spontaneous conversation with me and a world-famous
    spiritual teacher who embodies and teaches the awakened
    spiritual awareness Eckhart Tolle discusses in his best-selling
    books, The Power of Now and A New Earth, and in his
    online lessons with Oprah Winfrey.

    These lessons contain additional explanation and practical
    suggestions you can use right now to awaken to who
    you really are and create a life of happiness and inner peace.

    I thought I'd have to charge a significant amount of money
    for this course, but when the other teachers volunteered
    their time and expertise, I quickly changed my mind.
    Oprah has put an enlightened teacher on television in
    front of millions of people. This is a hugely positive event
    in the history of the world.

    A way of living that, up to now, has been discussed in
    just a few subcultures such as Integral Institute, Centerpointe,
    and a few other communities, is now in full view of popular

    This is a huge opportunity for the world--and for you.

    I want as many people as possible to experience this
    information, so I--and the other teachers--are giving
    this information away, as our gift to
    the world.

    Please don’t miss this opportunity to bring The Power
    of Now into your life. Register for these lessons right away.

    You can download them to your iPod or other device, or
    listen online. You’ll also get a handsome transcript of each
    lesson making it easier to review and master the information
    it contains.

    As you'll soon discover, this course is unlike anything else
    you've ever experienced. You really can live from the
    place Tolle talks about--the Now moment. When you
    do, everything changes.

    With these six amazing awakened teachers, I want to
    show you how.

    To enroll, and to immediately begin experiencing your
    first lesson--again, at no charge whatsoever, as our gift
    to you--just go to: www.MasteringThePowerOfNow.com.

    And please tell EVERYONE you know about this course.
    Open your address book and send this email to everyone.
    This is something we really want to spread around the world.

    Be well.

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  • One more thing...

    She is doing a teleseminar on Consciousness and Global Awakening called:

    "BE In The NOW - Discover Your Serenity, Power and Clarity" – FREE INTRO Wednesday, July 2 @ 6-7pm PST – 6 Week Tele Class Series begins Wednesday, July 9

    I'll be posting further details in my discussion group at Simplexity of Abundance, if interested!

    Be well!
  • Hello everyone!

    A few days ago I mentioned a book written by a friend of mine that is being compared to ANE. I started a discussion group based on yet another of her books, The Simplexity of Abundance, and will be posting info there about her teleclasses as they are scheduled.

    She has given me permission to introduct you to HOPE by posting this introduction to her work. I hope you enjoy it!

    "H.O.P.E. = Healing Ourselves and Planet Earth"
    - A Blueprint for Personal and Collective Change

    There's a kingpin in every machine, a tiny place no bigger than the size of your hand - even in a machine the size of a warehouse. In this tiny place, if you insert anything foreign to the process of this machine - something even as small as a toothpick - you will stop this mammoth mechanism in its tracks.

    What is the kingpin for humanity? What is the missing clue that will stop suffering - and our perpetuation and encouragement of it - in its tracks?

    Are you overwhelmed by the global - or even the local - news? Does the crime, 'natural' disasters, and even the reporting of the weather get you down? Does the state of the world plummet you into a quicksand pit of despair? Do you sometimes wonder if humanity will ever stop fighting? If we will ever enlist our will to the true cessation of famine, poverty, homelessness, and suicide? What about the growing epidemic of depression, anticipated to become even more prevalent than heart attacks and strokes in cutting short human lives? Does this get you down?

    And in the privacy of your own personal life … Do you ever feel like your past has you by the throat, choking the NOW life out of you? Do you get caught in downward spirals - seemingly relentless personal tornadoes - of fear, anxiety, confusion, self-criticism, and hopelessness? How often is the sun obliterated by clouds in your experience of life?

    As a species, we are becoming rapidly more and more de-sensitized - more and more like a great machine. The images on the 'news' of suffering and disasters around the world - 'reporting' which became increasingly fear based in the late 1980's - has so overwhelmed us that we take suffering for granted. Images and characterizations of violence and violent people as 'heroes' in movies, video games and television programs has made us 'tough' outside … so tough that we are becoming increasingly desensitized.

    When we 'step back' and observe this trend from an observer's vantage, what do we see? What are the effects of the trends that we are allowing to sweep our species, unchecked?

    With a trillion dollars exchanging hands around this planet each and every day, how is it that we tolerate poverty and living on the razor's edge of survival - for us and / or for the billions of people around the world who daily eke out a meager living? How is it that we complacently tolerate this? What's gone wrong?

    With thousands of people in villages and communities around the world living well into their hundreds, hundred and twenties, and even hundred and forties, why is it that we increasingly assume, sheepishly, that disease is a natural cause of death? What ever happened to dying from 'old age', robust and content with our life's journey - at peace?

    With six and a half billion people on this planet - and growing - how is it that any of us are lonely? How is it that we can experience such incredible isolation, as if we haven't any kin?

    With millions of people experiencing true satisfaction and inspiration in their lives, eager to get up each morning to live a new day of fulfillment, service, creativity and discovery, how is it that any of us are bored? How is it that we settle for dead-end jobs, under-challenging and even denegrading work environments? And how is it that we tolerate knowing that many of the products we buy are created on the backs of sweat shop workers, farmers unprotected from lethal pesticides, and other atrocities of modern 'technology'?

    How can this be?

    It can be because we have become so desensitized. We are like the frog in the glass beaker that sits trustingly as the water boils - until it explodes. We adapt. We normalize unspeakable conditions, our ego mind convincing us that they're alright.

    What is the cost of this? What if we were to pull out a calculator, and with the most brilliant mathematical minds in the world leading this project, we were to take an inventory of all the areas of human life that are affected by our adapting to appalling circumstances, protocols and behaviors? What 'price' would we tally?

    Take a breath - a deep breath.

    All of this can stop, now. We know where to put the toothpick in the machine. We know how to stop this insanity in its tracks.

    It's about stillness. And being present.

    It's about re-sensitizing ourselves to the world around us and within us.

    It's about standing up in our internal power and discovering that we each are far more capable than we've been raised to believe we are.

    There is no problem or challenge in our midst that is devoid of a matching solution. To see this - to know this - we must become sensitive to what is. And we must stand in our true power.

    Think of Atlas, the Greek God who carries the planet on his back. He is doing this not out of suffering, or out of martyrdom. He is doing this out of pure strength. When we are strong work is not an effort. Challenges are not obstacles. The toothpick stops the machine with utmost ease.

    Does this inspire you? Does it frighten you? Does it evoke your curiosity? Do you feel hot inside, as if your body is preparing to rise to an exciting challenge?

    If you feel your senses whetted by what you are reading here - this is a sign that you're ready to rise into clarity, empowerment, and freedom from misery - yours and humanity's.

    All of the great teachers throughout the ages have shared a common vision with their earthly students: That suffering is not a necessity.

    There is a path out of suffering.

    A path, by its very nature, is a guided route. It is a route that has already been traveled - at least by the person leading it. Jesus taught as he walked this path. He 'shone the light of his consciousness' upon it and led the way for those who believed it could be true. Buddha taught as he walked this path. Mohammed taught as he walked this path. Lao Tzu taught as he walked this path. Gandhi taught as he walked this path. Martin Luther King Jr. taught as he walked this path. The list goes on …

    This path is not a religious path. Religions have evolved out of the teachings of great masters. The masters did not proclaim a religion. Religion 'followed' them.

    You can be a simple mortal and walk this path.

    And you can do this NOW.

    Take stock of your suffering. In what areas of your life do you suffer? How? Do you suffer just in your own personal life? Do you witness suffering around you? In your immediate community? In the world at large?

    How much would it be worth to you to reduce this suffering?

    What if there was a clear and simple 'Map'?

    Breathe again. Take a deep, long, slow breath.

    It is here, now.

    The 'Map'.

    © 2008 Ariole K. Alei is the author of H.O.P.E. = Healing Ourselves and Planet Earth - A Blueprint for Personal and Collective Change, a book which has been likened to Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth. She teaches international Tele Classes and Workshops based on the teachings - the 'Map' - within this book.

    Be well!
  • Here is a beautiful testament to being in the moment... just Being

  • I'm very happy to be a part of this group... I was first introduced to Eckhart Tolle in my online Spiritual Growth Monthly group. We have been discussing his ideas for awhile and then I started taking the Oprah course. Still in it. ET has put a lot of things in perspective for me on my growth path. So many Aha! moments.
  • Great Book!
    I have read different books on spirituality and The Secret and other similar books. I feel like this book "A New Earth" helped bring everything full circle. I thank Oprah and Eckhart Tolle, for bringing this wonderful book into my life. I have much gratitude for the wonderful life I have been given and will always thank God for it everyday.
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