Do you see Numbers in Sequence like I do? Join me, fans of Doreen Virtue and others and share your stories of how recognizing the magic of angels communicating with you though numbers guides your life.
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  • I am now the 111th member.....Angel numbers all round.
  • I am the 100th member! What does that mean?! :)
  • Hi all, I am new here. A few days ago i started seeing 111 and the next day i started seeing 555, 777,123,333, 222 and these numbers keep repeating them selves. Does some one have a write up on what the numbers mean?
    Thank you and many Blessings, Light, Love and Wisdom
  • I have been seeing the number 252 constantly for over ten years. I see it everywhere and in everything, I have no idea what it means.
  • My daughter sees 23 every where!! Weird # huh? She's a very depressed teenager. What can I tell her about this #? Thank you
  • just want and sis have much love for this group and want to develop my power to hear from angels .is any there to link me up
  • hi for the last 3 years i have been aware of numbers which for me is odd .. as a little girl i hated numbers maths lessons were like a foreign language to me... and when 1111 kept appearing nearly eveyday even at odd times it had me wondering what on earth was going so much so i mentioned it to a friend who looked it up for me and told me to look it up on the internet and said i think something is trying to get your attention which as she is/was a none believer was quiet something, but now i get different numbers although 1111 1100 1011 is still very common and i have linked ot too CHANGE/WARNING in my experience. at the moment i am seeing 911 444 13.13 14.14. 15.15 2121 1221 and im very interested in what other people think to these number sequences...i have both doreen virtue angel numbers small handbooks which i find usefull and a great guide but i do believe for each individual the meaning may differ slightly ...i find doreen virtues book very informative and a very easy read... if anyone can shed any light on the 911 and 1221 1212 numbers i would appreciate it ...oh and numbers that can be read the same from front to back like 1221 etc is there a meaning to that
  • I see 113 alot,any meaning
  • what does 7 11 mean
    I have been seeing the time in am and night, 7:11 alot

    and for years, 4:20, what does that mean, in terms of message
    ( not the college high stuff)
  • I am a 11:11 ,12:12, 222,333,444..for now. It's in everything and on everything. I just smile I know it means something...BUT what? I have many Doreen books and have gone to several of her weekend sessions. Enjoy her and what she writes about. Thanks for having me in your group. Blessings to all.
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Seeing 11:11 a lot! and also 4:44, 5:55.

Hey Guys. So this just started a few days back and I didn't really think much of it until I started to see these numbers way too often. Always on my phone's clock though. last night I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night, not sure why I checked my phone and there it was again - 4:44! there was no reason for me to wake up. I was very tired and in deep sleep. I've been discovering LoA and been slowly getting familiar with different spiritual concepts over the past 5 months. Can't say I've…

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My daughter see's 23 every where!! Weird # huh? She's a very depressed teenager. What can I tell her about this number? Thank you

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