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  • What are you believing God for?

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  • 7297145090?profile=originalI was pondering thought #8 in this book when someone called me and gave me a debt free, fully furnished condominum.

  •  my furniture was in storage, critters and mold 

    getting rid of furniture,  anything is possible:

     winning a shopping spree and or attaining 6,000 to get new couch, etc

     being open, to getting brand new pieces and comfy sofa.

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  • Hi, here is something I dreamed of then became true in my life....

    impossible is just another way of saying: I'm possible!

    See this film I dreamed on YouTube at:

    let me know what you think....

    Bullion Grey

  • Hey Abhilasha.. Its better to post this on the main forum. People will respond faster. All I've read about attracting dream jobs is you visualize yourself already in that job with all the details and it works. Post this on the main forum and more people will respond. All the best!

  • no response. :(

  • Hi Everyone. I am a strong believer of LOA. I need your help  and advice as this time I need to attract my Dream job with dream package . Want to join a company wherein employees are paid reallyyyyy well. Also I am in urgent need of a fixed amount of money and I have to arrange for that money within 5 days. Any tips and advice is reall appreciated. Please please help.


  • To Serenity to start off you have to understand that all your illness is is a manifestation, and when you withdraw attention from it, and focus upon your desired result it cant exist. Usually a manifestation of illness comes from a long term discordant thought or situation that has remained unresolved.

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imagine what we can change /create /alter if we change our belief/perception

think aabout it...... our perception belief creates our reality....imagine what we can create/ change/alter  if we changed our belief perception!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C'MON PEOPLE!!!...(read Gregg bradens 31 belief code from the must read book The Spontaneous Healing of belief )everything is energy and the universe is just an illusion  there is no time days/months/years..IT is just isNOTHING IS SET IN STONE SO THEREFORE…

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make your desires heartfelt

the heart is more powerful thene the brain, make sure your desires are heartfelt so feel the love feel feel happy,feel excited,  apperication, grauitude, feeingl that your desire has ALREADY COME TRUE..they are will make sure desires come true. 

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Healing your body

here are some tips heal your body what ever it is you want to heal.....Visualize - your body ( the area you want to focus on or your entire body... eternal and external) is extremely healthy whole and perfectAffirm : start off with  "i am now truly happy and grateful  that  ....." the area you want to focus on or your entire body ...eternal and external) is extremely healthy whole and perfectMeditate - it relaxes you and takes any stress away. believe it with unwavering…

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