This is the best book in the world. If you need one book in your life it is this one right here.
Love, joy, appreciation for this wonderful book.
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  • Glad to be here and hello to all!
  • Hey Mo! Looks like everyone drifted off, including me, but I agree. This book rocks. I have to pick it up again and re-read it. I have the Vortex on my ipod and listen to that a lot. I think I just need to get more of the cd's. You wrote you listened to "the first one with Ester Hicks." Which one is that?

    I've gotten back to meditating in the mornings which is great. I struggle, though, once my day has started to stay in the zone, but trying every minute.

    I hope this finds you well!
  • Is anybody around here still???? Just wanted to say hi and pour a little of my gratitute in this group.
    This book has been a blessing, a gift from the universe , for me to finally "GET IT" and use the visualisation tools every day. The FEELING part is key for it all to come together and feel real and attainable, without the "yeah right" doubts that tend to creep in.
    I listen to the audios, whenever I can on my ipod, when driving, walking, exercising. Also listened to the movie the secret, the first one with Ester Hicks on my ipod for a good two weeks daily, for it all to sink in.
    Sinking in and processing, thanking and topped of with much joy.
    blessings to all
  • Hi,
    I believe in them, luck, working, joy, aware...and more.
  • Hi,
    I am seaching at first 1M of me, do all , reseach, study, work hard for..
  • Yes, Please help me with this 'scripting' I am working on the same thing as Sandy :) So I am sending good vibes your way Sandy and I am focusing with you. Please send me some good vibes, too!
  • What is scripting. I am manifesting a phone call from a special man. A good phone call filled with love and intentions. Please help to do this correctly and send your vibrations for good and love to me. Thank you. Have a SuperSmilin' Day
  • My favorite process is scripting. Which processes do you folks like?
  • This one of my introductions to the LOA. Glad to be in this group. Blessings to all.
  • This was the book that was the ultimate touchstone for me in that it took all the info on this subject I had learned in about 7 years from various sources and FINALLY switched the light-bulb on full blast where I could bite into it!!! I literally felt high for about 2 weeks straight. Incredible!!!! :)
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Postive Vibrations

Hello and Happy New Years to you all! I am sending positive vibrations your way in 2009! Last year I was calling for a major move to a new state to be closer to my family and Grandaughter.I have to be honest I didn't see any progress happening especially since we have to sell our home in one state and transfer jobs to a new.My Husband was recently offered a position and we are on our way to make the move.I still have not found employment though things are happening very fast.I read in "The…

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Help with this please

I want people to find me very beautiful, and to get lots of attention from boys even if there´s other girls that are pretty around.As well I want my face to look sweeter, as it looks a little bit hard expression.Could LOA help me attaining this?

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The 8 States of Consciousness

Adapted from Power, Freedom, and Grace, by Deepak Chopra (Amber Allen, 2006).Every day we normally experience three states of consciousness: Waking, dreaming and sleeping. But only by spending time in silence, stillness, or meditation do we experience a fourth state of consciousness where we start to glimpse our soul. When we glimpse our soul, we become a little more intuitive. We start to feel that things are not just what they seem to be; there is something more behind the scenes.The physical…

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The master course

Do you all know the Master Course cds of Abraham?it is an 11 cd set from the Cruise ship to Alaska Quite good. Are any of you members of the weekly or monthly cd mailings from Abrahama Hicks of the atest talks and cities?Sunwe can also talk about this offline atelansunstar@gmail.comdolphingirl copy.jpg

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