Asking for support.I'm asking for Universal support from believers. I'm on a journey for great health,wealth, more energy, release of weight. Would be very greatful for positive support and anyone to join me that wants the same.Namaste
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  • i ask for big time support to come to me cos i need it from my education and to have money at all level and all my dream coming through
  • angels, universe, I ask for support
    on all levels, health, teeth
    body shape, size, and weight, releaseing reducing,
    more money
    more money from my job, or I will quit
    family to be alright
    dreams to come true, documentaries, ny stay
  • help with finding an imp paper for work by morning
    is it at home
    or work
    where excalty, thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I have not been getting my notifactions from here and have not been here for quite awhile - I am a Health, Wellness and Abundance Coach and would love to help those who are serious to attain their goals, whatever they may be. Please contact me if you do want help to make some positive changes in your life. I have coached over 200 people to reach their goals and one person so far into the 100 pound lcub :)

    To Your Excellent Health!

  • Hi Elaine,
    I am a positive believer and also wanting Perfect Health & Body, abundance of Wealth, Peace , Joy , & Harmony.......We can do this together , helping and inspiring one another......We are all one .....What a beautiful Universe this is!!!!
  • Hello My Dear Friend,
    I have been absent for a while and I am glad to be back to the group. I am a very positive believer in Powerful Intention and I am asking for your support as Elaine, I am also over weight and have no energy and yes I do have pain as well. daily I depend on pain pills, blood pressure pills and antidepressent. My goals are to be drug free from all meds.

    My Dear Friends I am very Blessed to have found this wonderful group with much love and positive energy.
    I will be very appreciate and grateful to have your support in my journey.

    Thank you Friends
    Blessing to you,

  • Hi new friends! :) this seems like a cozy place to stop by and chat!
    I am intending to become healthy
    journey on that continues,
    right now, I feel sluggish, no energy
    planning to go to the gym, it will happen, just later in the day than planned
    don't want to dependent on coffee, so tired
    cloudy out, not helping me at the moment,

    life is good, intending to be more energized
  • Hi Elaine - I just wanted to join to add my support!!
  • Hi there Elaine, what's the update?

  • Hi Stepahanie, I had a vision.A facilitator came into my life, through those you came into my life. Thank You. Namaste Elaine
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Tips and Tricks

I would love for people to share motivational tips to help Elaine stay on track. Even when our motivation is high, thjose wall kicking moments show up and we need the support team!Thank you,Stephaniegratitude.jpg

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