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  • BEAUTIFUL...Congratulations on being well!! Thanks for having the courage to share your story that has inspired me. I am knowing it will inspire others as well. Surrendering can be a wonderful experience when we are willing to just be with it...Wendee
  • Hi Wendee, this is such an important topic. I would have to say that if I hadn't surrendered to my higher power within, I would not have been able to find the courage to seek out the cause of the nine year illness i went through. There were times when people could not understand what it was I was experiencing, and if anyone knows how controversial and covered up the issue of mercury from amalgam fillings is, they would understand the quiet road I had to end up taking. But once I surrendered within and said "I will get through this no matter what, no matter who doesn't understand...and I know that there is a God within that can show me the way" etc... and then I began finding out that mercury (Hg) is connected to over 300 i began typing up several of my alternative medicine doctors powerpoint lectures for ACAM. ACAM is a place where doctors of holistic and alternative medicine meet from all over to discuss and share their findings and scientific research. Anyhow, I realized just how many folks out there were suffering quietly from the same thing I was. So I opened an online school... Surrendering helped me get on the spiritual road to wellness... When we get on board the road to wellness in this way, we also become enlightened and aware beings, knowing that there is a HIGHER POWER that is there for us. And if we only surrender to it, insights come that much faster, inspiration, intuition and information =) Totally awesome path...I wouldn't have exchanged the hardships for anything because the wisdom i got out of this trip is too immense to describe
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  • There are 12 principles to living fearlessly. July is Surrender. Add you thoughts on what it means to surrender? How has surrendering empowered you? What does it mean to surrender?
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Itroducing myself

Hi all, my name is Lucy and I am from Madrid, i just finished reading the secret and everything is said is interesting, and my sister recomend me to join this site as she like very much.I have a problem that really bother me and make me really unhappy, i am even taking medicines for depression.I used to work as a model, and years ago my agency recommend me to get a lip augmentation so i would get more works. The augmentation went really bad, i got a huge reaction and my lips was desfigurated…

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