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For many years, scientists have rejected the principles of astrology. However, millions of people believe and practice it. Newspapers all over the world publish astrological forecasts, commonly known as horoscopes. Horoscopes first appeared in daily papers after World War I. Today, more than three-quarters of the United States daily papers contain a horoscope column.

Astrology is the study of how events on earth correspond to the positions and movements of astronomical bodies. These astronomical bodies included are the sun, moon, planets and stars. Depending on the position of these bodies at the exact moment of a person's birth, Astrologers can determine the disposition of ones character. The knowledge of the person's character and their relation to the bodies enables the astrologer to predict a person's destiny.

I've been studying Astrology as I've delved deeper into Buddhist teachings and working for peace.

Jump in and share your appreciation for astrology.

In what ways have you found it helpful in your life?

Chris Tinney

P.S. I'm currently volunteering with Spread Peace USA

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  • From my research, I'm finding out that astrology and numerology go hand-in-hand. it's a fascinating subject and I find I can do numerology really well! I have only gotten half way through 7th grade before having to quit for family reasons, but I have been doing my own education in my spare time. Numerology has caught my attention, and I find I can do it! Thanks to LOA, I feel I can continue on in my subject of choice without feeling inferior for choices I made years ago! I love love love my ability to learn new things!
  • Chris Tinney
  • Very soon, we are going to see the planet Pluto enter the sign of Capricorn for a very long time. Recently, Pluto made a brief entrance into Capricorn and we started to see some rumblings of societal structures, especially economic and governmental, get shaky. Now we are about to see Pluto enter Capricorn for real. What does this mean?

    Well, Pluto is the planet of transformation, i.e. the death and rebirth process. This is akin to the image of the phoenix rising from the ashes. Capricorn represents tradition, control and power especially that created by authority.

    In this context, Capricorn represents the economic foundations of society. Pluto's entrance into Capricorn signifies the gradual falling apart or explosive demise of all those systems that are unsustainable and lacking spiritual harmony and integrity.

    These will all be swept away over the next 10 years and in their place we will see transformed and significantly more enlightened structures. However, to bring about this transofrmation, we will need to come out of denial as a world community and see the truth about how this unsustainable condition came about in the first place.

    The shocking truth is that much of the economic system of our country and world are based on lies and deceptions. The debt based society in which we now live was never the vision of our founding fathers and is totally antithetical to the spirit and law of the constitution. So, if you are curious as to how we actually created the mess we're in, there is fortunately a path of learning that will reveal the real scoop about how this all happened.

    I call this path of learning redpill knowledge because it delves into the darker information the establishment prefers you do not know. The term redpill comes from the movie, The Matrix.

    Fortunately, Pluto, as the ruling planet of Scorpio, is comfortable with the dark energies and will confront it head on. Spirit at work once again doing its perfect job!

    If you're curious and open to this redpill knowledge, feel free to post here or contact me privately and I will direct you to this information. I can assure you that it is not republican or democratic, conservative or liberal. It lives at another level of the planetary control hierarchy.

    Despite the big hoopla about Obama, be assured that he will still follow the edicts of the corporate oligarchy we have co-created. So what is the good news you might ask?

    Pluto in Capricorn will do its job very nicely. We're probably in for a rocky ride but at least one that can restore integrity once again to our planet.

  • Hi everyone:

    I've been a professional astrologer for over 35 years. Besides thousands of consultations, I've also been a speaker at Astrological conferences and have taught classes on the Psychodynamics of the Sun Signs. Another one of my specialties is Astrological relationship counseling and coaching.

    The comparison of birthcharts and the ability to work with the information in an empowering way with a relationship is truly an art form and a special priviledge and opportunity. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

    For fun, check out my http://www.socialgamesalon.com. This a very entertaining and powerful tool of inquiry I've been using for 28 years.

    Even if you do not live in the San Francisco Bay Area you can still get answers from the Astro Dice and of course from your birthchart. I'm excited about participating here and sharing cool information with everyone.

  • Peace and blessings 2 All;-)

    Im a Sagittarius Sun sign and wear it well however Im the blue part of the flame in the Fire Trigone and Ive been a life long student of Astrology and enjoy the Science. I will seek to share my interests here with those that are so interested in Senergy Partnerships meanwhile Im leaving some bling on the page.

    SAGITTARIUS GoddessPatricia new bling bling with love goddesspatricia
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  • Hi everybody,
    I am studing astrology just to broaden my knowledge and to help people to live their lives in a better way by using it
  • hello dear friends i had been looking such a group here and found just now hahaha. i am interested to research on medical and spiritual astrology more if any interested may contact. i work with Vedic more. i am from India... Aries...
    with love and lights to all here...
  • My husband shared this with me and I thought it was great:

  • Cathrynn,

    Go to the window above where it says "Discussion Forum" in the dark purple bar, then select "Start Discussion" and there you go. Let me know if you need more help and I'll be glad to help. I posted a bunch of information on me here on the one that says "What's Your Sign". Have fun!

  • How do I start a discussion (sorry - new to this!?).........I would love to know whether other people tracked their nodal contacts - I am passionate about these - would love to hear other peoples points of view of them. I have the North Node in Virgo in the twelfth house and the South Node in Pisces in the sixth house...topsyturvy!!!..............Cathrynn x
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I keep seeing the numbers 11:11 & 9:11 or 1:11, mostly with the time every day!! & I am convinced that it is not just coincidence any more. Add 911 & you get 11. Some of my purchases come to $11.11. I looked under a box for an expiration date & it was 11/11. Send a text or recieve one & the numbers again. My last flight gate number was gate N11. This has been happening for about 3 months. Has any one ever heard about this? In a way It amuses me cause I feel like Im trying to be told something…

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The effect of the eclipses on individuals

The detailed forecast for August 2008 based on Moon signAugust 2008 ForecastGeneral Global Trends : This month would see a respite from the Mars - Saturn Combination after the 10th but worldwide the effects of the twin eclipses ie Solar as well as Lunar eclipse within the month of August would be experienced. The solar eclipse occurs on the 1st in Cancer ( as per vedic system ) and it would effect governments worldwide on non critical issues. Total eclipse in North America, North Europe, parts…

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Good morning everyone

I am a Capricorn, with Sagitarious as my rising sign.Sometimes when I read my daily horoscope, the entries seem to be opposite to what actually happens. It says I will get an offer for employment that is to good to refuse, I get a refection letter ??? Anyone have any thoughts on why this seems to be ?Thanks a bunchSebastion

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