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  • Another idea is a bit of self-appreciation in the employment sense. Make a list of your positive qualities, including the qualities you have which make you very employable.

    What are all of your good points?
    Your strengths?
    The areas you know a lot about?
    Your work successes?
    Positive things which employers and colleagues have said about you?

    Refer to this list often so that you start to believe everything that's written on it. The idea is that it creates a vibration of 'employability' around you, and that then draws in the ideal people to employ you.
  • I am in employment now, and have been for nearly 7 months, after 22 months of unemployment and nothing happening for me.

    The turn around came when I started asking the Universe for help, and believing that GOD IS LOOKING AFTER ME. Then a particular worry situation faded out, and the solution came.

    If you are unemployed now, try this. It works.
  •  Dennis Barker 

    how you attracted the ideal job?

    how to attract the ideal job?

    thanks in advance.


  • I am curious..  is anyone looking to join Javita as an independent promoter/distributor?  For those looking for work...  this might be interesting to you.. and if you have ever had experience in MLM's.. it's a bonus...think about it and inbox me.

  • Could it be that in order to attract a new job, you need to be FEELING GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF?

    Unemployment and underemployment can certainly make you feel bad about yourself. You are either not fully being true to yourself or doing the best for yourself; or you are not doing so at all. Plus you get the guilt trips and the criticism from others who think that you are lazy, or who make you feel like a burden because they think that are 'carrying you.'

    (I have heard all of this recently)

    But if you were feeling good about yourself, then you would be at a very different vibration and would be attracting very different realities: splendidly employed, making joyful progress, fulfilling your talents, being true to yourself, following your values, economically contributing to the world, living self-sufficiently and all of the whole host of benefits which are gainful job brings.
  • I have oh my goodness nearly a month later I am replying to Princess7's comment, that is SHOCKING!! Yeah, in a way yes yes YES I have certainly had big improvements on the job front!  I haven't had business success - a tiny bit yes but not a lot - but as far as jobs it's improved a GREAT deal.  I went from a job I hated & I would cry at times about it though I also used some mind movies I put here & also wrote about the kind of jobs I wanted well since I left THAT job - in July 2011 - EVERY temp job I have been to has been a really great job.  There was one when in the afternoon the kids were very noisy but that was the worst of it and that's all & I think even with that there were a lot of good bits & overall they have gone VERY well.  I am off to a new job on Monday - 4-6 weeks one - I had a training day last Friday, so far that is a great job for me too.  Nice people, nice environments, got a raise from one etc.  

  • :) I remember this.

    sorry that I didnt do much, lol.

    At this moment im enjoying my job but improvement is always welcome.

    any updates on your job statusses since this group started?

    Im curious. :)

  • Some techniques here


    How to use LOA to attract my dream job
    How to use LOA to attract my dream job
  • i have come here as i do not have employement at this time. i live in michigan where the economy has been bad for many years. still that is not what is keeping me from finding employment it is the fact that i no longer wish to simply have a job. i desire work that feeds my soul as well as pays the bills. i am a single mother thus i would like to be able to send time with my daughter. ideally i would be running my own business. since i have been out of work for so long what i need in the short term ( looking at this from a linear perspective) is a cash flow that allows me to pay off my debt and invest in a business of my own. i know with all of my being that this can be done. i have many at home business concepts that i know will work. i am giving my self permission to do what is needed in the short term to be able to get to the long term.

    wow that was helpful. thanks for listening.

  • I've changed employment at the beginning of february and again at the beginning of april. Currenty I'm working for a company who I used to work for ten months ago.

    The local ecosystem for telesales jobs is healthy here so it is possible to move rapidly from one to another, building my network of contacts as I go, and funding my websites and business activities online.

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I found this video tonight.  I haven't really listened to Bashar before.  It DOES look a bit weird he is a channel (or so he says??) and has his eyes closed as he talks but some of the points were good, I thought and YES of course they were about attracting a job/career or at least figuring out what you would like to DO in those areas.  Which is why I wanted to share it here

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Hey all dropping by to drop off a link on my post on attracting a new job/career lots of things

It's all free!  I started a post on the main forum about attracting a dream job/career and as well as people writing about what kind of job they want etc.  I have some sort of mind movies on attracting a job/career woven throughout so I wanted to share it here as it may be helpful :-)http://www.powerfulintentions.org/forum/topics/dream-job-career-calling When you've had a look and checked out ALL the cool videos, come back here :-) 

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