I AM SO GRATEFUL THAT I HAD CHANGE MY LIFE WITH A LOTTERY TICKET!!! my life had change!!!!! thanks to the LOA!!!!!! and thanks to my witch that helped me!!! i am so so grateful!! the combination between LOA and WICCAN is just AMAZING! so i wanted to share my experiences to all of you. i was wanting to win the lottery for quite a long time and until i know the LOA and i try so hard on it. yes, my life started to change after that, but not that much. until i visit a lady, name Eve. she was so knowledgeable in the power of universe. and she tolded me that the power of universe is unlimited. someone know how to use it and can use it easily but someone might find hard to use it. since everyone have minor different in thoughs. and she tel me that she is a witch. and sh suggest me to try on it and GUESS WHAT???? i had win the LOTTERY JACKPOT!!!! and last week i when back to visit her to thank her and share part of my wining but she refuse to take the money. after that i suggest her try to help more people like me online like ebay. and she take my suggestion. she is now on ebay and the price was just so cheap since she is new on ebay and trying to build the reputation or something else. just wanna share with you guys, you guys can have a try. cheers.


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