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  • Just thought I'd let you know I am offering Reiki I - Master through my school. My manual is in several doctors offices throughout the US and described as the most complete they've seen to date! $160 for under three month program. I have become a Master under Dr Sharda Sharma MD in person and via distance. I chose to teach via distance training. If you are interested, see the outline below: and send payment to (You can use this certificate towards HHP training through my school, Holistic Healers Academy:
    Is there Such a Force for Us to Utilize?
    Be Aware
    Reiki I: What is Reiki
    Charging for Reiki
    Usui’s Precepts for Living in Harmony
    The Reiki Story
    Origin of Attunements
    Churijiro Hayashi
    Hawayo Takata
    Photographs of Mikao, Chujiro and Hawaya
    Using Reiki
    Exercise #1 – Feeling The Energy
    Exercise #2 – Emitting The Energy
    Assignment #1 – Self-Healing Hand Placement
    What is an Attunement?
    Reiki Attunement Schedule
    Self Healing Hand Placement
    Preparing For a Reiki Attunement
    Assignment #2 – Self-Healing Thirty Day Chart and Paper
    Guidelines for Giving a Reiki Session to Someone Else
    Hand Placements For Giving a Reiki Session
    Case Study #1
    Case Study #2
    Case Study #3
    Reiki II
    Reiki II – Symbol Handout
    Distance Healing
    Case Study #4
    Case Study #5
    Case Study #6
    Creating Your Own Reality
    Reiki III: Attunement set up
    Original Usui Reiki Precepts
    Usui Master Symbol
    Passing Attunements (Usui way)
    Non-Traditional Attunement Handout (12 step process)
    Sample Consent Form for Clients
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    Personal Core Values
    by Douglas Woods, Life Coach

    Each of us has our own set of values. These are what determine which aspects of life we regard as important or beneficial. Our values help determine our tastes, our way of life, our entertainment, our social, political and religious interactions. Each of us holds many values and these values are liable to change as we grow, reach different stages of life or have different experiences or influences in life. Some of the values we hold may be ‘superficial’, transitory or fitting solely the moment in which we find ourselves. Other values are more fixed and may stay with us through our life; these are our ‘core values’.

    Our values come from a range of sources. Our parents are a key influence upon our values as we grow as children. So, too, is any church or religious background we experience. Our society, our neighbours, friends and colleagues, too, can have an influence upon our values. So, too, can our teachers and our schooling.

    Often, school can be a place of conflict for it is there that we experience other values perhaps for the first time. Some of the values we experience in school can be in conflict with or contradict the values of our parents. As we go through high school, we start to experience values in ourselves and our peers that conflict both with school and our parents. Conflicting and unfixed values can be a major problem for adolescent and teenage years.

    As we grow in years and experience, our values become more fixed, especially a set of 6 to 10 ‘core’ values. It is these core values that determine what is really important to us as an individual. The surprising thing is that if you ask most people what their values are, many would not be able to give you an answer.

    A good many people are leading lives unconnected with their core values. This can lead to a life of unhappiness, discontent and lack of fulfilment. Sometimes it can lead to conflict. Often the person does not know why their life seems unhappy, unfulfilled and sometimes full of conflict. Often, the cause is that the life they are living is not in accordance with their personal values.

    For some people a conflict can arise within them because they are trying to live a life according to the values of a company, an organisation, a religious or political organisation, the values of their friends or colleagues or partner, rather than living a life according to their own core values. In doing this, the values of the other people or organisations are being met but the person’s own values are being left unfulfilled.

    This is not to say that a person is always wrong to seek to support and fulfil the values of other people or organisations. However, leaving your own values unfulfilled can lead to frustration and unhappiness. A key issue in this, though, is that the person may believe they are doing the right thing by working to the values of others and yet still feel a sense of frustration and unfulfilment; -the reason being that they may be unaware of their own values or, maybe, feel guilty of their own values where they conflict with the values of others.
    So, if you feel your life is unfulfilled, unhappy, or maybe has too much conflict, then it could be that you are leading a life that does not accord with your core values. The question is; do you know your own personal core values?

    Hiring a personal life coach can certainly help you to discover your personal values but for those who want to start the discovery for themselves, try answering the following question;

    What, in life, is important to you?

    Don’t think about your answers (yes, there’s likely to be more than one thing that’s important to you), at least don’t think about them at first. Just write down whatever comes into your head, no matter how strange, amusing or worrying they may seem. These first answers are probably your ‘gut’ or ‘intuitive’ answers; sometimes these are closer to the truth than answers that you ‘think’ about. Next, think about what is important in life for you. Take some time to consider your answers before writing them down in a word or short phrase. Don’t worry if the some of the same answers appear in your first list; - just write them down again.

    Now you have two lists. Take a look at them; is there anything there that surprises you or anything that worries you? Sometimes people can be quite surprised by what they write down and occasionally they may write down something that shocks them or they feel guilty about.

    Quite common words that people put on their list of values include ; ‘money’, ‘success’, ‘family’, ‘wife/husband/partner’, ‘growth’, ‘power’. If you find one, or more, of these words on your list, ask yourself another question;

    What does (the word) mean for me?

    So you may ask, ‘what does money mean for me’. To which the answer could be; money means security, or money means success, or money means freedom, or money means being able to provide for my family.

    By answering the second question you can help uncover the real or underlying value for you. So for you, money is not the real value, it is ‘security’ or ‘being successful’ or ‘being independent’ or ‘being able to provide for my family’ that is the real value.

    So, by doing these simple exercises, you are beginning to discover your personal core values. The next exercise is to ask your self ‘how do my life, my work and my relationships help fulfil my personal values?’ If you find that they do not help you fulfil your personal values then perhaps you should consider changing your life.

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  • hey kirk, i didn't see this message below! I am so glad we talked via phone, I really enjoyed that. If you want, I could put your information about EFT (ie your practice info etc) on my Holistic Healers Academy site... I think EFT is very helpful.
  • Hi Kristen,

    It's been a while since I connected with you and Powerful Intentions. I did take the EFT course and am now certified. It's amazing, but I live in the country and the locals think I'm whacked! hehe. So I use it on myself.

    What is the session you are offering via email? Sounds interesting.

    Thanks..... take good care!

  • Isn't it just incredible what can manifest into our lives? I am a firm believer in allowing allowing allowing... Look what you would have missed if you weren't open to the magic that entered your life? thanks for sharing Alica... Love Kristen
  • Something amazing happened with me my friends, I want to shear with you. Last weekend I attended medium ship training with Audrey Willey from Australia. She is one of the greatest mediums on the world and she was touring in USA last month. The experience was phenomenal. She took me a whole another level higher. I’ve connected with 3 of my 5 guides. One of them (guides) I physically saw when we were training some “scary” stuff. She is beautiful. She is from angelic realm and she is so loving and protective. She has beautiful wings (more like aura of light).Her name is Firefly. More of us in class saw her and I’m so happy to have such a power of love on my site. My #1 guide who I feel constantly on my left site is male. His name is Abraham; yes he is The Abraham from Old Testament. I had a dream when God called me Jacob. Now I know why. It was my name long ago and Abraham was my grandfather. Go figure, I’m not even Jewish. It was very emotional weekend and I really recommend to everyone to reconnect with guides. Love you all.
  • Hey all, yes Kirk, EFT is extremely beneficial. We will be covering that topic on a radio show soon. And Alica, thank you for sharing about your Angel Workshop you attended. This is another good topic to spread around to others =)
  • Hi Guys,
    I just wanted to share with you that I had a great July 4 weekend. I went to “Angel Workshop” near my town. It’s been a wonderful experience. I know now how to communicate with my angels and that I have 5 of them and I also visited one of my past life in regression therapy. I’m so peaceful now, to know that the God is always there for me. I love you all.
  • Wow... took me long enough to get here. I got an email from the EFT woman and it reminded me of you. What do you think of EFT? I've used acupuncture for years (and acupressure). Hope all is well. - Kirk
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What does freedom mean to you? Is it to release you from illusionary chains? Is is to just break out and reinvent a whole new you? Or is it to free yourself from debt? A relationship? What does free to be YOU really mean to you?Share your comments, stories...concerns.If you want someone to hear you out, I'm here for you!Kristen LauterLife Empowerment Coachhttp://www.eternaljoy.org

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WHAT DO I WANT? (To be announced on our Radio Show nov 21st

I am going to see what the responses are and tally how many folks answered the question in four days total, and then announce it on our show this coming friday.Please let us know what it is you are seeking in life? What DO you really want out of this life experience??? =) Thank you... All the best, Kristenyou can listen anytime after 4:30 friday nov 21st www.blogtalkradio.comattractthelifeyoudesire

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Experiment Of A Connected Manifestation With...A Sparkle! - Feels So Good To Be Awaken

The Sparkel(kle)-Experiment !What exactly is The Sparkel(kle)-Experiment?It's my personal intent & the personal intent of eachof us participant to sparkle the universe in a connected manner tospeed up money manifestation to the very present momentfor everybody in a special way.And here's how it works:It's very easy to be on the partyand to join us on "The Sparkel(kle)-Experiment": 1st) We Become Connected Friends! <-Click here & add me2nd)Join The One Sparkel(kle)Within Group! <-Click…

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