To share stories about your favorite cats and kittens and even share a story about a cat that passed away. Remember the joy they bring us!Please submit photos of your favorite cat or cats for all to see, love, and enjoy!
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  • 7293635290?profile=originalHere's Oscar!
  • Wow, it has been awhile since I last visited my group and I am so glad to see lots of new members sharing their kitty stories and kitty photos. I have added a new member to my household named Oscar and amazingly Jack and Boots accepted him within a short period of time. He is a white shorthair with blue eyes and blonde ticking through his fur and he has seal point features on his face since he is half siamese. He is very chatty and vocal and extremely rambunctious.
  • I hope you guys like this videos of cutie pie kitties I found today
    And I KNOW it is not Christmas YET but this is TOO cute not to share so
  • Hello Lulu following _Princess_Ella_ on Twitter see CatThings also following are two of my cats BabeCattykins and Danny_Mittens
  • hi Welcome Beam of LIght/ My cat Dutchess has healed in her left eye, and received her vaccinations today. Blessings, KathyH.
  • Hi Everyone me and my upright just joined your group, and what a gorgeous bunch you are! I'm on Twitter as _Princess_Ella_ is anyone else over there too?

  • hi Happy Valentine's day to all of US Cat Lovers!! My cat Dutchess is healing from her left eye infection, still on eye drops, but so much better than she was!! Blessings and hugs to all. Kathy.
  • My cat Babe has a new post on her blog...

    Babe Cattykins
    Babe the cat, super spy, explorer, poet & singer.
  • Hello, I just joined the group, I am a crazy cat lady and to prove it I recently started two blogs about cats. One of them I write as one of my cat Babe Cattykins the other is Cat Things.


    I also like to cheezburger them - it makes me smile - crazy in a good way...
    Babe Cattykins
    Babe the cat, super spy, explorer, poet & singer.
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The Mystical Story of George

For fourteen years, from the time my wife and I adopted George from a shelter until the day he died, George occupied a place in our lives we could never have imagined. He was a beautiful boy and one of those special animals who is smart, intuitive and who also grooves on people.I'll give you one of many examples. Every night when I came home from work, George would know when I stepped out of the subway, ten minutes from our home. He loved prancing up the hallway to meet me at the elevator and…

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garage kitty update

Ok so I just wanted to let you all know what I did LOLAs you know I have this stray kitty that lives in my garage, I am not sure if I adopted her or she adopted me..... but either way we have gotten quite attached to each other...Last winter she made herself comfy among the pool supplies and ontop of an old coat I left out there for her. But over the summer we have become more friends and I felt kind of bad leaving her in the cold this winter....I looked at all the ways to make a warmer place…

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what does it mean when your cat,,,,,,

Ok this is a new thing the gypsy the garage cat is doing... she will get on my lap then she will look up at me and as soon as I put my head down to look at her she puts her nose right on my nose and rubs/pushes on my nose LOL it is like she is wiping her face on me LOL So what is up with that?? does anyone elses cat do this to them??Thanks :)

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