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Shipra/ Guiding Ray

Hi guys,

just dropping in to share an insight. 

I was reading shipra's post all over again the other day and to my surprise, I was beginning to understand a lot more than I ever did before. 

Everything resonated with me at last, and it's literally like

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10 Replies · Reply by Dorothy Sep 27, 2020

A Revelation

If memory serves, I posted here a number of years ago and mentioned that I was in extreme distress regarding my physical appearance. I'm still greatly distressed by my physical appearance, but I know why now. 

In 2019, I was diagnosed with severe slee

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11 Replies · Reply by Rika Riko Aug 2, 2020

Body Change

I am interested in changing my skin tone a bit and also making it flawless. I want to also lose weight but not get saggy skin. Any tips?

If anyone knows of these actors, I want to look like them IN THE PAST, not now.

Image result for aamir khan qayamat se qayamat takImage result for aamir khan young

Related imageImage result for salman khan maine pyar kiyaRelated image

I don't know how to describe it but

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1 Reply · Reply by Rika Riko Aug 2, 2020

Try hypnosis

Hi guys not been here for awhile as been dealing with health issues. I have noticed a lot of posts for wanting to be taller or breast growth.Anyhow i thought i would mention that i came across some hypnosis downloads/cds on for growing ta

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I want to go back PLEASE HELP!! <3

So i was on this site a few years ago. At the time I wanted to manifest perkier boobs and a toned stomach in a short amount of time for a job. I had photos on my page and got a lot of positive encouragement from people saying I didnt need to change.


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Need help...

Hi, so I have a condition called tubular breasts. I have read a lot about it and tried herbs, exercises, creams and read that the only way is surgery. I cannot afford surgery and I don’t want to take the risk. How did I attract my breasts to be like

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Hooded Eyes

could anyone help me with some tips to get hooded eyes? I also would like my lower eyelids raised up a little. I’ve seen a lot of threads with visualization but for some reason I just can’t visualize myself with them. So could anyone help me with thi

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