• It was not loa. My family don't believe in much really. I kno there a diff between agnostic and aethiism and my uncle is very fact science proves all type thinker. So again I don't think he did any loa. Reason I listed uncle was to say science can't prove all. That age doesn't have anything to do with height. It is only about bone structure and dna, and as u kno loa alters dna
    • So in your family only u who believe in LOA? But I want to know how did he do till finally he grew an inch?

    • I don't kno, thts thing of it tht science can't explain. Becuz he doesn't believe in loa, he didn't consciously think on growing. All this proves further is that boddies sometimes decide stuff, I do wish could be more specific. This really just gave me hope age doesn't matter, only body behavior does
  • Very possible. If you have to look at it from science standpoint, the reason we stop growing is our growth plates fuse. Now when u loa u don't just look your desired way. Inner workings of body change too. Like if want brown eyes and u get brown eyes really u now have gene for said Brown eyes. Anyway, yes height and anything is possible.also my family doesn't believe in loa but my uncle grew an inch in 30s, so things deemed not possible already happen everyday. Umm I have a rather extensive lists of examples but those arnt height related.
  • Oh it's possible, use your imagination and go to a normal situation where you are your desired height. Pay attention to how you feel emotionally during that experience. ¬†Remember those excited/happy feelings. Go to those feelings throughout the day.

  • Of course you can! just detach from 'common beliefs'. Detach from the collective consciousness. Do not listen to people who say that you "can't"

    In this universe everything is possible. There are infinite amounts of possibilities. We have just been conditioned to function and live through certain beliefs. Such as " you stop to grow at x- years" "carbs makes you fat" "you can't heal yourself 'and so on.

    Work on your inner self. It took some time for me to realize those things. But once you overcome your current beliefs.. you will be freed and you will start to see true potential that you have. You will be truly happy.

    Good luck!

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