Today is november 14th, and by december 14th I want to transform my body. Below I have attached  pictures of a new uniform I am required to wear at a new job I manifested. Thank the Universe for the job I really needed it but sheesh I am not comfortable in the attire.


I would LOVE to look like the girls in these pics! Flat toned stomach and boobies looking right. My orientation starts on Dec 9th and ends the 13th... so we will be starting then which I realized is an exact month from now. I will be working out as well to get my cells moving and warmed up while I talk to them and visualize. The more I look at these pics Im like uugh I need to get serious about my manifestation cuz I dont want to be uncomfortable. I can do this! SO CAN YOU!


What will be YOUR goal?

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  • Hi everyone. I just thought about it today...  I forgot to mention that along with cell talking and visualizing, Ive had deepak chopra's mind master subliminal program on my computer for a very long time. Ive had it since last year every day in the background while im online. and i can be online for HOURS on end sometimes o_O

    however its not just weightloss/body image i have on this program, there are other things ive been wanting to manifest such as money, releasing negativity from my past, and also a singing career and gaining confidence.


    i would take off the other topics maybe in the meantime for experimental purposes, but ive always kind of considered physical appearance last on my manifestational goals. (even tho it is still very important to me!) anyway, i know that i have had subtle changes in other areas because of this program . like i didnt even notice till like months later when im like omg! i havent really been thinking about that troubling experience that ive wanted to let go so bad! or... omg! ive been WAY more confident in singing in front of people when before it was like a crutch. i know upon purchasing the software it does recommend for you to choose 3 topics at a time to make it the most effective ... i think i technically do have 3 topics? but there are rows and rows of subliminal categories WITHIN these topics, thats why i think its just happening a little slower.


    does anyone else have this software or anything similiar to it?

  • yes, do yoga in the meantime while your doing everything else! i need to step up my yoga game again too.. its a really gratifying experience, after words youll just want to give yourself a hug for it :)

  • Hey Sammi,I grew an inch with yoga too! I was eighteen at the time but even so. I hadn't grown for about three years and so I do think that the yoga had something to do with it.

  • YAY!!!!!!

  • Hi Salome thank you! And yoga is such a great exercise to do while visualizing! Because it is releasing toxins, and you are breathing in the earth and universal energy. i feel like thats why so many people become so petite and ELONGATED through yoga.


    a lot of people who do yoga for just relaxation end up losing like tons of weight. Soely because they learned to be one with their breathe and released resistance, while incorporating movement.

    • That is so true,Daniella. I really like that elongated look you mention. And yoga is good for the thyroid gland which is responsible for a healthy metabolism. :-)

    • yes it is good for the thyroid gland i learned this last year while doing bikrham yoga because of one of the postures they had us do where we had to kind of choke ourselves with our own chin lol.

  • You're already so beautiful,Daniella! :-) 

    Well I'm happy about my weight and my proportions but I'd like to firm everything and be more toned. I've been doing yoga and spot exercises and I'm pleased with the difference but I think now its a question of wanting the skin on my boobs, thighs etc,to be firmer. It's the skin that's in need of toning up,not the muscles. So I'm going to visualize that for the next 30 days. 

    Oh,and whiter teeth! I want a sparkling smile in 30 days. 

  • this is the link to ask teal's vid on raising your frequency. i feel this is very important for all of us who are looking to manifest things more smoothly. stay in a high vibration. =) thank you too jenn for uploading the other vid because now I have subscribed to this chick's channel shes really wise got some good points.



  • thank you for information Daniella. I do meditate, and I do believe, but sometimes appear some doubts but they appear involuntary, without my will. How should I be with them? and then they pass, and I'm kinda confident again in what I want.

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