Today is november 14th, and by december 14th I want to transform my body. Below I have attached  pictures of a new uniform I am required to wear at a new job I manifested. Thank the Universe for the job I really needed it but sheesh I am not comfortable in the attire.


I would LOVE to look like the girls in these pics! Flat toned stomach and boobies looking right. My orientation starts on Dec 9th and ends the 13th... so we will be starting then which I realized is an exact month from now. I will be working out as well to get my cells moving and warmed up while I talk to them and visualize. The more I look at these pics Im like uugh I need to get serious about my manifestation cuz I dont want to be uncomfortable. I can do this! SO CAN YOU!


What will be YOUR goal?

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  • i'm in! i want to loose about 12 pounds this month

  • ya thanks for the advice! i pressed options and edit but it will only allow me edit font not pics :/

  • awesome! :)

  • great! im glad your already half way there :]

  • yes awesome!

  • lol yes there are some creeps! im so remedial at editing tho. -____- but omg thank you soooo much for your uber awesome compliments!. that really boosts my confidence i have horrible self esteem but it IS getting better. alot better. its just my tummy is not toned at all cuz i do have a daughter it just never went back ever since. but GREAT advice you are sooo right. when i was working out today, i had a pic of one of the grls in front of me and i did think to myself, hey... dont feel worried or negative, feel happy and thankful and send love to her beauty! :] how do i edit. lol

    • Boost that self-esteem Daniella, you’re gorgeous! And for editing, at the top of the discussion there’s a button called options, you can edit anything there. 

    • thankyou! so much gratitude <3

  • I’m in, I really want to lose those 10 pounds. In 30 days we all will look as we want to, we can do this! 

  • woow , i was think about doing the same after i saw this7295189656?profile=original

    i already have a beautiful body shape , i just need to lose more wight and what really motivated me about this pic  is  her how pretty glowy  skin she had and i am totally going to work on this <3

    so good luck and yep i am in for the challenge

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