4 years of trying but no results.

Hey guys :)
every thread i read, every book i read , say that the key to change is to love yourself. i don't understand what this mean. should i fake love ? should i pretend that i like myself when i look in the mirror ?
i mean if i love the way i look than i wouldn't want to to change my face. 
this seems contradictory to me because if you love something than you wouldn't want to change it.
Besides i've been trying to change things about my face for about 4 years now and nothing happened. i still believe it's possible though and nothing is gonna change that. But it seems that either i'm doing something wrong or there is something that i'm not doing. 
sometimes i wish i didn't knew this much about changing physical appearance with loa because it seems the less i know the easier it will be.
i would really appreciate your comments.

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  • In the first place, my very delightful Ms. Pierce, you've been doing nothing wrong. After all, you keep trying and still believe what you want is possible: I think that is a very powerful example for everyone here. Your question also lets me try to share a little of what I've learned and maybe it could help.

    I have listened to a lot of Abraham material. From what I understand, the contradiction is nevertheless the way to go.

    Loving your face as it is now doesn't exclude making changes. It just means loving unconditionally the way you look, which will alter your vibration over time such that your physical features respond accordingly. Love does not have to be a reaction to experience. It can be the feeling of creating gorgeous new experiences.

    The universe brings to you what you want in when you're in the appropriate resonance with your desire. If you love your face, the face you want to see will appear in the mirror. All your preferences for particular changes have already been heard.

    Loving your face as it is right now doesn't keep the face you want from coming. Rather, loving your face as it is right now invites those changes in. When you love the way you look, you'll look the way you love. Do you understand? Loving your appearance doesn't keep you in place, but allows you to experience the fullness of who you already are and begin to make whatever changes you're after.

    The higher you can raise your vibration the more clearly the manifestation will unfold. The important bit (and it's really the easiest) is to just get happy. Get stoked, psyched, elated, delighted, passionate about things in general and move to specific things as you feel comfortable doing so. Focus on things that are easy and pleasant to focus on.

    I'm glad I could share some of my thoughts with you. Keep us posted on how it goes!

  • Love, being happy, letting go, neutrality, dont create, you create. Theses states only get rid of the feeling of resistance, wich is a contradictory feeling , like, you desire something and but dont believe,it can happens, then the bad feeling arise

    Who create is you. I think that books and gurus teach theses things because is easy to peoples understand that way than saying " you have to change your mentality" wich 99 per cent peoples hate hear.

  • Focus on a single change like your eye color first. Also start practicing manifesting small things first, Because you clearly don't have the faith and detachment strong enough to manifest something of such a large scale.

  • Chrissy, you always do so much good in this community. Not once have I seen you show any signs of doubt or bring people down. Thank you so much!

  • Okay, when a parent loves their child, they want the best for them. They want to succeed and grow. Just because they love their children doesn't mean they want them to stay the same. It's the same things with your physical features, when you you start loving your features or just yourself, the Universe will start giving you more reasons to love these things.

    Appreciation is around the same state of Love. So start appreciating what you have as if you have achieved your desired look. Say you want blue eyes, then start appreciating your blue eyes. Love it. Accept it. Allow it.
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