Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let you know about a blog that I have created about this topic. It will primarily be a journal of my own progress for change, but I will also be offering advice for you too. Hopefully you will find it helpful! :) Check for updates because I will be updating it at least weekly!


(Sorry if this seems like an advertisement, I really didn't mean for it too. I just thought that maybe it would help people out. :)

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  • Thank you for your comments! There have been a few more posts written since this post, and more to come soon (maybe even today!)

    Good luck to everyone here in the process of changing their appearance!

    And remember, it is possible! Stay focused, stay strong, and KEEP ON! =)


  • Lovely blog! =) Really comprehensive! I'll look forward to reading more posts!

  • Great blog Becoming. Keep up the good work.

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