A fresh start in the LoA

Hello everyone. 

This is my first post that I've started on this website. I'dd like to share my story with all of you and also get some advice from more expiremented people.

My name is Ingrid, I'm 18, from Fance, and I've been using the law of Atraction for almost a year and a half now. I discovered it when I had just turned 17 and wanted to use it to grow taller (I was 5"7' and wanted to be 5"10'). Lately I've been trying to use the law of attraction to change my leg structure and reduce the fat in them. I've got X crossed legs and when I close my legs my knees and inner tighs always touch before my feet. I'm striving to get model like legs with a nice tight gap because I'm tired of my tights rubing against each other, especially during summer. In my family, my sister and cousins all look slim or athletic, in both cases they look healthy. I've always felt like the ugly duckling and quite honestly I've been treated as such by some of my family members. 

One thing I am aware of is that for body modifications I SUCK at the Law of attraction. I know I'm not the only one to be pissed because I never see any results coming. I mean it's so hard not to look at your body every once in a while to check if there was any progress done am I right? It's hard to have faith in an invisible thing and just let go. Growing up, I've always hated my body. I probaly started disliking my body when I was 8, and that's very young. I was also socialy anxious and SUPER sensitive (I'm not even exagerating I would cry for no freaking reason) and having people make fun of me would make it so hard to appreciate my body. I know it's quite common for people to dislike their body so I'm not saying I'm like a cursed human on this planet but it's still annoying. 

Lately I've started re-reading information about the Law of attraction and how people managed to succesfully change their body. So things that I've noticed that I didn't used to do at the time were these:

- You need to visualize your body in a mental image and then your physical body will follow.

- You need to express gratitude and love for the body you have atm (even tho you hate it. lol.)

So basically what I'm suposed to do is to start loving my bod that I've been trained to hate and also I need to stop looking at myself in the mirror all the damn time because that's only making me feel worse and result in it not working. That's probably one of the hardest things that I've ever been asked to do but hey, It just works. 

So basically I'll be using these advices to change my body, and I do have faith in them. I'dd still like to have some advice from some people who have had succesfull stories or even just people who have some good tips to give me, and I can give some to if you want. I've also tought about starting a Tumblr blog to update everyone on my progress, it'll be easier since there's an app for that and I'm more often on my phone then on my mom's laptop.

Anyways, good luck everyone on your journey and don't hesistate to talk to me!

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  • Thanks! I'm trying to get rid of the sadness and anger caused by my family and environment in general, it really helps to meditate and I've learned to love my dad even tho he's not been a great supporter to say the least. I don't think I'll ever be able to change my family members but if I'm less sensitive to their comments, our interactions will be much easier ^^

    Lately I haven't have much time to go on Tumblr but I'll be making an account today or tomorow specialy made for my progress. I believe it's going to help a lot.

    ps: That's amazing! I hope you'll enjoy it and maybe we could meet one day ^^ 

  • I've been switching methods to honestly and I've found out that sticking to one method is defenitly easier and less confusing too ^^. I tought about buying clothes too and maybe even going to the gym, I've started drinking more water and tea because it's one of the easiest things to do. Thanks for sharing your story and I agree it's about the feelings not so much the tought or action but I believe it helps for some. 

    • Your welcome :) also keep it up. And if that works for you do it. I'm afraid to try clothes method cuz mom buys my clothes for me, which I'm grateful, but she always makes me show her what I'm trying on. So buying ideal clothes I can't do
  • Agreed. I'm kinda mad at mom atm. At lunch she invited my cousin to a pastry shop. I asked which, she said the 1 I kno about. I asked you never took me and she said I was eat too much junk and put on weight. Honestly it's not tht bad. Anyway I need let this go fast. And I agree never let ppl define you
  • Umm I kno it's easier said than done, and there's no magic method. And 5 ppl on this site I identify with easy. But anyway... I have had a few changes, and I'm better with controlling situations than looks
    Imo we all start better at something but no1 start superhuman at loa. I personally used to switch methods alot and really wish I was just pure mind easier. My recent endeavor is to use 1 method, then get off it and just use mind like I kno I can. I'll just list what worked for me, but I don't think telling every tiny detail is needed. I have tried where I could taking care of body as if I had the desired trait. I personally used that on hair growth. But I feel the action method is best used when it makes something tht seems further away closer. Other ppl have done action by buying clothes they want to fit into or contacts for eye change. Another method I like is doing loa while I feel good. What I do is if I want to pump more into loa, sometimes I list things that make me happy, then loa after. I think point is feeling matters, not the object itself. Umm theyes tons a other stuff I do that I'm blanking on but I'll let other ppl that can cumunicate better than me explain more
  • Hi, Ingrid! I'm Tatiana. I don't usually write here, but since it's a touching storie that some of us been through. Well, above all, I would like to say to never let your family define how will you feel about yourself. Even if you still want to change something about your body, love it anyways. That's what I learnt from my experiences. I've had a few changes, but since I also have my time of disbelief, I end up stuck. And hey, tumblr is such a nice idea. I guess we could all try together to write our progress together.

    ps: I'm going to live in France this year.:)

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